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English Quiz: (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016

English Quiz: (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1.A teacher, Amrita, uses various tasks such as creating charts, graphs, drawing, gathering information and presenting them through pair or group work. This differentiated instruction-
A.Helps learners with multiple intelligences to perform well and learn better
B.Is a way of demonstrating her own knowledge
C.Only helps the bright learner
D.Is the best way to prepare students for an assessment

2.Gender stereotypes and bias among learners can be discouraged by-
A.Enabling all learners to cook and sew irrespective of gender
B.Using textbooks which do perpetuate such beliefs
C.Creating an open and encouraging atmosphere in a mixed class
D.Pressuring girls to learn cooking

3.Seating arrangement should be flexible so that-
A.The teacher ensures equality prevails in her classroom.
B.Children have the freedom to move their seats wherever they want
C.Many group, pair and whole- class activities can be conducted easily
D.Children do not form permanent  friendship groups

4.After reading a poem, a teacher involves the learners in group work. One group writes the summary of the poem, another draw a picture to depict the main theme and yet another sets the poem to music. This activity-
A.Is aimed at preparing the learners for assessment
B.Will distract the learner from the class
C.Is a sheer waste of time
D.Cater to diverse abilities and interests.

5.A mixed ability group is heterogeneous in-
A.Economic status
B.Gender and age
C.Social strata
D.Knowledge and skill

6.When a teacher asks her students to write a letter after having a group discussion, she is-
A.Adopting the Direct Method of language teaching
B.Integrating different language skill
C.Following a traditional method
D.Likely to confuse  the students

7.All round development of a child implies-
A.Providing vocational education for the learner to function in any work environment
B.Harmonious development of physical, emotional and mental faculties
C.Specialized training to make the learner a ‘Jack all Trades’
D.Following the natural stages of child development

8.The most important features of an effective language classroom is opportunity for learners to-

9.To create and sustain interest in learning-
A.Learners should not be labeled as slow, average or high achievers
B.Learners should be told stories
C.Involve the students in activities
D.Make them teach each other

10.To identify and measure the learners potential for his/her specific abilities and skills such as music, science, medicine etc. the schools-
A.Conduct proficiency test
B.Conduct aptitude tests
C.Keep record of various activities the learner was involved in-
D.Seek opinion of various teachers teaching the learner.