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History Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams

History Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams_30.1

1.Which of the following rulers did not belong to the Sunga dynasty? 
(a) Bhagvata 
(b) Vasudeva 
(c) Devabhuthi 
(d) Agnimitra 

2.Who was the court physician of Kanishka? 
(a) Nagasena
(b) Susruta 
(c) Charaka 
(d) Asvagosha

3.Who was the founder of Sunga Dynasty? 
(a) Pushyamitra 
(b) Agnimitra 
(c) Devabhuthi
(d) Kirtivarman 

4.According to the most commonly accepted view, Kanishka ascended the throne in
(a) 78 AD
(b) 58 AD
(c) 125 AD
(d) 248 AD

5.Who is the author of Buddhacharita? 
(a) Banabhatta 
(b) Ashvagosha 
(c) Parshava 
(d) Vasumitra 

6.Which Satavahana ruler is credited with having increased the naval power of the empire which provided a fillip to trade with foreign countries? 
(a) Hala 
(b) Gautamiputra Satakarni 
(c) Apilaka 
(d) Vasishtiputra Sri Pulamayi 
7.During the rule of the Satavahanas, India 
(a) had trade relations with countries of South East Asia 
(b) had trade relations with western countries of Asia with Europe
(c) had trade relations only with Afghanistan and China trade. 
(d) did not have overseas trade.

8.Patanjali, the famous grammarian, was a contemporary of
(a) Agnimitra Sunga 
(b) Pushyamitra Sunga 
(c) Vasudev Kanva 
(d) Gautamiputra Satakarni. 

9.The founder of the Satavahana Dynasty is 
(a) Simukha 
(b) Yajnasri Satakarni
(c) Pulamayi I 
(d) Sri Satakarni 

10.Who were the first foreign rulers of North-Western India in the post-Mauryan period?
(a) Bacterian-Greeks 
(b) Sakas
(c) Kushanas
(d) Parthians