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Social Science Pedagogy Quiz For CTET Exam 2016

Social Science Pedagogy Quiz For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.A universal language of the map can be understood by the way be-
A.Conventional symbols
C.Special sign
D.None of the above

2.A Social Science often taken an objective type formative assessment but she has a doubt about the reliability of the test developed by her. What should be done to increase the reliability of these assessments?
A.Increase the number of questions
B.Use standardized test
C.Use question given in NCERT books
D.Try to imitate what other teacher do

3.Best way to teach the topic “ The Earth in the solar system” is- 
A.Prepare a chart of the solar system
B.During a vacation visits a planetarium and describe and describe your experience in the class
C.Organize a quiz contest on the Earth and the solar system
D.All of the above

4.Praise and blame is a form ————–motivation
D.None of these

5.Learning is-
A.A change in behavior
B.The result of experience or practice
C.Relatively permanent
D.All of the above

6.By ———-memorization we mean verbatim learning by repetition as contrasted with substance memorization.
D.None of these

7.Verbal skills are generally required through-
A.Trial and error learning
C.Skill learning
D.Both A &  B

8.Which is not an individualized instruction module?
A.Programme instruction
B.Computer assisted learning
C.Project work

9.How a teacher can make study material more interesting?
A.By illustrating answer
B.By giving homework
C.By using audio visual aids
D.None of these

10.A photo essay is to enable a student
A.To learn about a particular situation through reading visuals
B.To learn about the technique of photography
C.To understand the importance of the proof
D.None of the above