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Social Science Quiz:(Geography) For CTET Exam 2016

Social Science Quiz:(Geography) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1. The National park ‘ Valley of Flowers’ lies in the state of 
A. Uttarakhand 
B. Kerala
C. Jammu and Kashmir 
D. Himachal Pradesh

2. Which of the following sets of cities is located on the reference longitude for Indian standard time?
A. Bangalore – Varanasi 
B. Chennai – Varanasi
C. Kakinada – Pondicherry 
D. Pondicherry – Varanasi

3. The neighboring country of India which has the smallest area is 
A. Bhutan 
B. Nepal
C. Sri Lanka 
D.  Bangladesh

4. Rihand Valley Project is located in the state of 
A. Uttar Pradesh 
B. Bihar
C. Orissa 
D. Madhya Pradesh

5. Which of the following mountains are the oldest according to geological history?
A. Nilgiris 
B. Satpura Range
C. Vindhyas 
D. Aravalli

6. The highest point of the Nilgiri Hills is 
A.   Kalsubai 
B. Salher
C. Doddabetta 
D. Push

7. India is a tropical country but has a monsoonal climate because 
A. Its real extent is vast 
B. It is surrounded by the sea
C. The Himalayas provide the barrier effect 
D. Land and sea breeze create monsoons

8. The State which tops in the production of rubber is 
A. Tamil Nadu 
B. Karnataka
C. Kerala 
D. Orissa

9. The Indian rivers of the indus Basin are 
A. Sutlej, Beas and Ravi 
B. Ganga, Beas and Sutlej
C. Betwa, Sone and Kosi 
D. Gomati, Kosi, Gandak

10. _________ State has the biggest area in India.
A. Maharashtra 
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Rajasthan 
D. Uttar Pradesh