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Social Science Quiz: Pedagogy For CTET Exam 2016

Social Science Quiz: Pedagogy For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.A classroom in which children participate in a wide range of challenging activities with teachers and peers with whom they jointly construct understanding is known as-

A.Construct classroom

B.Advance classroom
C.Social constructive classroom
D.Traditional classroom

2.Learner centered social studies teaching does not focus on-


3.Map technique is mainly introduced for-

A.Language teaching

B.Mathematics teaching
C.Social science teaching
D.Commerce teaching

4.Which quality of the teacher is liked the most by the students?


C.Love for discipline

5.In History textbooks many sources have been given in each chapter

A.To prove the creative talent of the author

B.To prove that more than one source are always better
C.To justify the selection of topic
D.To encourage students to work on source and derive interpretation

6.History textbooks have a box ‘Elsewhere’ at the end of each chapter-

A.To attract the attention of students

B.To make the chapter interesting to students
C.To increase the general knowledge of the students
D.To relate contemporary developments around the world with each other

7.Which of the following would be better suited to enable children to express their views on public issues?

A.Scrap book

C.Wall magazines
D.All of the above.

8.Choose the most inappropriate statement regarding teaching of social science in middle school.

A.It should be taught as it help to acquire an understanding of human relationship

B.It should be taught because it helps students debate and reflect an social issues
C.It should be taught as it help sensitize children regarding social reality
D.It should be part of the curriculum so that the learner know about the lives of kings and the battles they fought

9.You are teaching ‘Unity in Diversity’ to the student in class VIII. Which of the following activities would do to make the students understanding the concept effectively?

A.Write an essay on the river disputes between states of india

B.Prepare a model of the Hydro-elective project
C.Conduct a test after the lesson is thoroughly taught
D.Present a features on the different dance form of our country appreciating their underlying similarities and differences

10.Most people during the 19th century felt education will have a ‘corrupting influence on women. Which of the following brings out the contextual meaning of ‘corrupting’ in the above sentence?

A.Women were more corrupt than men

B.It would bring them more money
C.The power they gain through education would take them away from their traditional roles
D.They would become impure