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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for KVS and NVS Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for KVS and NVS Exams_30.1
1. Institutional planning should be based on-
A. aim and needs 
B. administration
C. need
D. time-table

2. Teacher behaviour ought to be-
A. directive
B. instructive
C. idealistic 
D. administrative

3. Information highway or net is-
A. Internet 
B. Intranet
C. Computer
D. key-board

4. INSAT-1(B) has been launched in-
A. 30 January, 1984
B. 30 April, 1983
C. 30 August, 1983 
D. 30 December, 1983

5. The number of representatives of Central Government in UGC is-
A. 2 
B. 5
C. 7
D. 10

6. In which of the following, Instructional procedure is the main component?
A. Synectics teaching model
B. Basic teaching model 
C. Inductive model
D. Social-stimulation

7.Which one is called non-probability sampling ? 
A. Cluster sampling
B. Quota sampling 
C. Systematic sampling
D. Stratified random sampling

8.Formulation of hypothesis may NOT be required in : 
A. Survey method
B. Historical studies 
C. Experimental studies
D. Normative studies 

9.Field-work based research is classified as : 
A. Empirical
B. Historical
C. Experimental
D. Biographical 

10.A research problem is feasible only when : 
A. it has utility and relevance 
B. it is researchable 
C. it is new and adds something to knowledge 
D. all the above 


S1: a

S2: c

S3: a

S4: c

S5: a

S6: b

S7: b

S8: d

S9: d

S10: d