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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2017

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2017_30.1
1.Visits to Science Museum is related to-
A.Book reading
B.Watch film
C.Educational Trip
D.All of Above

2.Major problem in teaching of Science is-
A.Teacher are not trained according to need of the course
B.Least interest of science teacher
C.Heavy loads on science teacher
D.Least interest of the students

3.Best method of teaching –‘parts of plant’ is-
A.Problem solving methods
B.Field trip
C.Project method
D.Lecture method

4.Which approach is related to teaching of Science?
A.Integrated approach
B.Standard approach
C.Correlation approach
D.Unit approach

5.Science teaching objectives are determined on basis of-
C.Time limitation
D.All of the above

6.Which of the following increase variety and interest in the teaching of science?
A.Observing discipline
B.Using teaching aid
C.Cooperation of students
D.Personality of the teacher

7.Dictionary meaning of improvisation with respect to teaching aids is science teaching-
A.Minor adjustment
B.On hand construction
C.Off hand construction
D.None of the above

8.Tutorial strategy in science is not related with-
A.Teaching improvement
B.Competition among students
C.Problem solving
D.Realization and cognitive objective

9.The contribution of feedback and reinforcement in teaching of science is-
A.Teacher do not express any role in desired changes
B.To enhance the frequency of desired
C.To create obstacle in desired behavior
D.All of the above

10.The curriculum of science of primary standard school be-
A.Child centered
B.Subject centered
C.Book centered
D.All of the above