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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. Which one of the following statement is most appropriate about group learning?
A. it promotes peer learning and social interaction
B. it creates chaos in the classroom
C. weaker student gets less attention
D. problematic for teachers to attend to more than one group simultaneously
2. To encourage the questioning skills of the students in an EVS class is-
A. not good as it leads to disturbance in the class
B. worthwhile as it promotes reflection
C. not a thought provoking exercise as children ask questions impromptu
D. futile as knowing answers can only lead to better scores in the examination
3. Which of the following statement is most appropriate about Formative Assessment?
A. it puts extra burden on teachers
B. it is difficult to execute within the normal time-table
C. it provides an opportunity to children to participate in their assessment
D. it prepares students for summative exam

4. NCF 2005 says-
A. textbooks should be the only resource for teaching in a classroom
B. multiplicity of textbooks confuses students and may burden poor parents
C. teacher should organize her teaching around a book to provide learning opportunities to children
D. entire country should follow the same set of textbooks for the sake of uniformity

5. Which one of the following is true about the CCE?
A. school should take pen and paper test everyday
B. teacher should monitor minute behavior students to inculcate values
C. parents should be involved in the education of their children by giving a lot of home assignments
D. the word comprehensive in CCE means assessment of all domains of personality
6. In an EVS class, Formative Assessment stresses on-
A. memorization of facts and formulae
B. completing assignments within stipulated time
C. diagnosing the problems for providing the remediation
D. providing opportunity to students to solve as many problems as possible

7. Which one of the following is the most appropriate to use assessment productively?
A. it must motivate students by awarding higher grades
B. it must be integrated into learning
C. use of standardized tests must be promoted
D. questions based on creativity must be asked to encourage creative and productive skills

8. The statement: “Scores of people are getting sick due to the increased level of pollution” in an EVS class-
A. may require the teacher to present data on the level of pollution and increase in the number of cases of ailments and ask children to compare
B. may be mentioned after replacing ‘people’ in the above statement with animals or birds
C. may be mentioned irrespective of the response it generates as it is a true statement
D. elicits an emotional response and may be used by the teacher to connect students to the topic

9. Which one of the following is an appropriate activity for “Traditional Occupations”?
A. asking students to write an essay on traditional occupations in India
B. asking groups of students to interview some traditional artisans
C. asking students coming from this background to narrate about it
D. asking students to make a poster on this topic
10. Which one of the following is the most appropriate about the project work given to students by their teachers?
A. a project should be assigned as per the interest of a student
B. the cost of material required for the project should be borne by the parents
C. projects must be simple and assigned to individual students
D. collaborative group projects must be assigned across subjects to be done under direct supervision of the teacher