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English Quiz: (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016

English Quiz: (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.Reading habit is important due to the following reasons-
A.Increase vocabulary
B.Makes us knowledgeable
C.Helps in getting information
D.All of these

2.The general aims of teaching prose are-
A.To enable students to listen, speak , read & write English prose
B.To enable students to comprehend the thought
C.To enrich students active and passive vocabulary
D.All of these

3.On which of the following law is drill and practice of language skills based upon-
A.Law of exercise
B.Law of readiness
C.Law of effects
D.All of these

4.The two receptive language skills are-
A.Listening and speaking
B.Listening and reading
C.Speaking and reading
D.Speaking and writing

5.Faulty reading habit is due to-
A.Sub vocalization
B.Finger pointing
C.Regressive movement
D.All of these

6.Vocabulary can be defined as-
A.A list of words
B.A supply of expressive means
C.A repertoire communication
D.All of these

7.Reading habit can be best developed by-
A.Text book reading
B.Newspapers reading
C.Reading helps books
D.All of the above

8.Writing is the————representation of speech sounds-

9.A unit of written text or speech which is larger than a sentence is known as———
A.A discourse
B.A phoneme
C.A phrases
D.An inflection

10.Which of the following is/are productive skill/s?
C.Both A & B
D.None of the above