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General Awareness Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams

General Awareness Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams_30.1

1.Who was known as ‘Lok Nayak’?
(a)Mahatma Gandhi
(b)Subhash Chadra Bose
(c)Jai Prakash Narayan
(d)Bal Gangadhar Tilak

2.Which incident led Gandhiji to withdraw Non-Co-operation Movement?
(a)Kakori episode 
(b)Chauri-Chaura episode    
(c)Jallianwala Bagh episode
(d)Muzaffarpur episode

3.The Poona Pact aimed___
(a)at Hindu-Muslim Unity   
(b)to represent to lower cast 
(c)at privileges to princes  
(d)to review the Dyarchy

4.The object of Butler Committee of 1927 was to____
(a)modernise the Indian army 
(b)Modernise the Indian agriculture 
(c)impose censorship on National Press  
(d)improve the relationship between Government of India and Indian Princely States
5.The Second Round Table Conference at London was held in the backdrop of the____
(a)Emerson__Gandhi Pact   
(b)Hailey__Gandhi Pact 
(c)Gandhi__Irwin Pact
(d)Gandhi__Simon Pact

6.Mahatma Gandhi’s close English compatriot during the freedom movement was____
(a)Thomas Moore  
(c)Charlie Freer (C.F) Andrews
(d)William Wavell 
7.The first and last Indian to hold office as Governor General of Independent India was____
(a)Jamanalal Bajaj 
(b)C. Rajagopalachari 
(c)Rajendra Prasad 
(d)M.A. Ansari 

8.The Chairman of Joint Parliamentary Committee of the 1935 Bill that led to the framing of the Government of India Act of 1935 was____.
(a)Lord Linlithgow
(b)James Mac Donald
(c)Winston Churchill
(d)Clement Atlee 

9.Who played an important role in signing of Gandhi___Irwin Pact?
(a)Motilal Nehru 
(b)Madan Mohan Malviya 
(c)Tej Bahadur Sapru

10.Why did Mahatma Gandhi supported the Khilafat Movement? 
(a)Gandhiji wanted to win the support of the Indian Muslims against the British
(b)The Khalifa had given shelter to Indian revolutionaries  
(c)The Khalifa support Indian struggle for freedom  
(d)The Khalifa was a personal friend of Gandhiji