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English Quiz: (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

English Quiz: (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.A rhetorical question is asked-
A.To get a feedback about what others think about your speech/writing
B.To gather personal information
C.To clarify a concept
D.For the sake of effect with no answer needed

2.The curriculum and the teacher’s execution of it should help-
A.The learners to become thorough with the curriculum
B.Enhance the learner’s self esteem
C.The learners t get good grades
D.The learner to become good communicators

3.When language concepts are taught using real life situation they are-
A.Easily understood and used
B.Not learnt well
C.Being taught naturally and so enable the learners to use them easily
D.Being taught in the same way as the learner’s mother tongue

4.Which of these would be a valid ‘Learning Objective’ for teaching a drama?
A.The learner will be able to speak fluently with correct stress and intonation
B.The learners will be able to act effectively
C.The learners will be able to understand what is drama
D.The learner will have an opportunity to dress up in different costume

5.Pre reading tasks are meant for-
A.Evaluating the reading skill of the learners
B.Giving the meaning of difficult words and phrases
C.Introducing the main idea and motivating the learner
D.Explaining the grammatical items used in the reading text

6.Iconic mode of learning is based on a system of using-
A.A variety of activities
C.Images & diagrams
D.Different type of graphs

7.Young learners will enjoy a play included in the text book when they-
A.Get detailed explanation about the play from the teacher
B.Read the play silently
C.Listen to the teacher reading the play
D.Enact the play

8.A teacher engages her learners in a fun activity before beginning a new lesson. The purpose of this activity is to-
A.Reduce the workload of the teacher
B.Motivate and energies the learners
C.Discipline the learners before the lesson
D.Divert the attention of the learners

9.Peer grouped is formed by-
A.Teacher  +controlled  environment
B.Parents+ independent environment
C.Society+ controlled environment
D.Unexpected + independent environment

10.In which of the following stages do children become active members of their peer groups?
C.Early childhood