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Maths Pedagogy Quiz for CTET Exam 2016

Maths Pedagogy Quiz for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. The main teaching activity that takes place in pre-active stage of teaching –
A. formulation of objectives
B. selection of content
C. decision of teaching style
D. all of the above
2. On the basis of teaching objectives, mathematics teaching can be classified as –
A. cognitive→ affective→ psychomotor
B. memory level→understanding level→reflective level
C. automatic→democratic→laisses faire
D. none of the above

3. Teaching is an international process in which the classroom statements are included. This definition expresses –
A. the nature of teaching in automatic set up
B. the nature of teaching in democratic set up
C. the nature of teaching in laissez faire set up
D. none of the above

4. The best way to assess teacher’s classroom behaviour is to-
A. ask the students
B. use Flanders 10 category system
C. both 1 and 2
D. none of the above

5.  The devices used to make teaching method more effective are known as-
A. techniques of teaching
B. principle of teaching
C. methodology of teaching
D. none of the above

6. Use of abacus in class II does not help the students to:
A. Write the numeral equivalent of numbers given in words
B. Attain perfection in counting
C. Understand the significance of place value
D. Read the numbers without error

7. Most appropriate strategy that can be used to internalize the skill of addition of money is:
A. Solving lots of problem
B. Use of ICT
C. Use of models
D. Role play

8. The objective of teaching number system to class III student is to enable the students:
A. To master the skill of reading large numbers
B. To count up to 6 digits
C. To see the numbers as groups of hundreds, tens and ones and to understand the significance of place value
D. To master the skill of addition and subtraction of four digit numbers
9. In a Mathematics classroom, emphasis is placed on-
A. problem solving strategies
B. mathematical content, process and reasoning
C. mathematical content
D. mathematical algorithms and processes
10. The term, “Mathematical Tools” refers to-
A. physical material like Geo-board and 3 D models, cubic rods etc
B. all types of materials including language, written symbols and meaningful instructions to establish their purpose
C. calculators, rulers, tape measures, protractors, compass etc
D. charts based on formula and concepts, graph papers, dotted sheet etc