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Maths Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

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1.Adil starts from a place Pune to go to a place Quala . At the same time Bose starts from Quala to Pune. If after meeting each other Adil and Bose took 4 and 9 hours more respectively to reach their destinations, the ratio of their speed is

(a) 3 : 2   
(b) 5 : 2
(c) 9 : 4   
(d) 9 : 1

2.Two Janrath local trains of equal length takes 10 seconds and 15 seconds respectively to cross a telegraph post. If the length of each train be 120 metres, in what time ( in seconds) will they cross each other travelling in opposite direction?
(a) 16   
(b) 15
(c) 12   
(d) 10

3.Vaibhav sold some articles at a gain of 10% . He spend his total sale proceeds to purchase such articles again. This time, while selling them, he incurred a loss of 10 %. His loss or gain in the transaction was
(a) 1 %loss   
(b) 1 % gain
(c) no profit no loss  
(d) 2 % loss

4.Some Pulse toffees were bought at the rate of 11 for Rs. 10 and the same number at the rate of 9 for Rs. 10. If the whole lot was sold at one rupee per toffee, then the gain or loss in the whole transaction was 
(a) 1 %loss   
(b) 1 % gain
(c) no profit no loss  
(d) gain of 1.5%

5.A boy and a girl together fill a cistern with water. The boy pours 4 litres of water every 3 minutes and the girl pours 3 litres every 4 minutes. How much time will it take to fill 100 litres of water in the cistern?
(a) 36 minutes  
(b) 42 minutes
(c) 48 minutes  
(d) 44 minutes

6.If 28 men complete 7/8 of a piece of work in a week, then the number of men, who must be engaged to get the remaining work completed in another week, is
(a) 5   
(b) 6
(c) 4   
(d) 3

7.A person spends Rs. 8, 100 in buying some tables at Rs. 1,200 each and some chairs at Rs. 300 each. The ratio of the number of chairs to that of tables when the maximum possible number of tables is purchased, is 
(a) 1 : 4   
(b) 1 : 2
(c) 2 : 1   
(d) 5 : 7

8.If 6 persons working 8 hours a day earn Rs. 1,680 per week, then 9 persons working 6 hours a day will earn per week
(a) Rs. 1780   
(b) Rs. 1,890
(c) Rs. 1,920  
(d) Rs. 2, 680

9.A person walks a certain distance at 8 km/ hr and returns at 6 km/hr. If the total time taken by him in going and returning is 3 ½ hours, the total distance walked by him is 
(a) 28 km   
(b) 24 km
(c) 14 km   
(d) 16 km

10.The time taken by a train 180 metres long, travelling at 42 km/hr, in passing a person walking in the same direction at 6 km/hr, will be
(a) 18 seconds  
(b) 21 seconds
(c) 24 seconds  
(d) 25 seconds
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