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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for KVS/NVS Exams 2016-17

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for KVS/NVS Exams 2016-17_30.1

1. Emotional adjustment of students is effective in-
A. personality formation
B. class-teaching
C. discipline
D. all of the above 

2. Black-board can be included in which group/category of teaching-aids?
A. visual aids 
B. audio aids
C. audio-visual aids
D. none of the above

3. Which of the following is related with teaching skill?
A. black board writing
B. solving questions
C. asking questions
D. all of the above 

4. Students who ask questions in the class should be-
A. encouraged to continue asking questions 
B. encouraged to search answers independently
C. encouraged to participate in the discussion in the class
D. advised to meet the teacher after the class

5. At authoritarian level teaching is-
A. teacher-centered 
B. child-centered
C. headmaster centered
D. experience centered

6. Who developed the interaction analysis  category system in education for increasing the teacher effectiveness-
A. Rayon
B. Flander 
C. Amidon and Simon
D. Richard Over

7. One of the important theory of moral development has been proposed by-
A. Laurence Kohlberg 
B. Erik Fromm
C. Daniel Coleman
D. Benjamin Bloom

8. Character is developed by-
A. will-power
B. conduct and behaviour
C. morality
D. all of the above 

9. Which of the following is not a level of teaching learning?
A. differentiation level 
B. understanding level
C. reflective level
D. memory level

10. NUEPA is mainly concerned with-
A. educational evaluation
B. educational planning 
C. educational unity
D. educational supervision


Sol 1: d

Sol 2: a

Sol 3: d

Sol 4: a

Sol 5: a

Sol 6: b

Sol 7: a

Sol 8: d

Sol 9: a

Sol 10: b