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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1. When a teacher is dominated by authorities or forced to do other tasks, his/her efficiency is
(a) increased manifold
(b) reduced 
(c) marginally increased
(d) unaffected

2. Which of the following statement is correct ?
(a) objectives should be pin-pointed 
(b) objectives can be written in statement or question form
(c) another word for problem is variable
(d) all the above

3. Which of the following methods should be used for true evaluation of students?
(a) Formative evaluation 
(b) Evaluation at the end of course
(c) Evaluation after every six months
(d) none of these

4.Value-education stands for :
(a)making a student healthy
(b)making a student to get a job
(c)inculcation of virtues
(d)all-round development of personality

5. Generally speaking, teaching aptitude implies
(a) keen desire to teach
(b) dedication towards teaching
(c) possessing an ability to teach
(d) All of these 

6.Which one is called non-probability sampling ?
(a)Cluster sampling
(b)Quota sampling 
(c)Systematic sampling
(d)Stratified random sampling

7. Which of the following is not considered a project-aid?
(a) Slide Projector
(b) Black Board ==
(c) Overhead Projector
(d) Epidiascope

8.Bibliography given in a research report :
(a)shows vast knowledge of the researcher 
(b)helps those interested in further research
(c)has no relevance to research
(d)all the above

9. The first step of research is :
(a) Selecting a problem
(b) Searching a problem
(c) Finding a problem
(d) Identifying a problem 

10. Who is the first teacher of child?
(a) Environment
(b) Teacher
(c) Parents 
(d) None of these