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Science Quiz (Biology) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Biology) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. Which is the correct sequence of parts in human alimentary canal?
A. mouth→ oesophagus→ stomach→ small intestine→ large intestine
B. mouth→ stomach→ oesophagus→ small intestine→ large intestine
C. mouth→ oesophagus→ stomach→ large intestine→ small intestine
D. mouth→ stomach→ small intestine→ oesophagus→ large intestine

2. In which of the following groups of organisms, food materials is broken down outside the body and absorbed?
A. cuscuta, lice, tapeworm
B. yeast, mushroom, bread mould
C. paramecium, amoeba, cuscuta
D. mushroom, green plants, amoeba

3. The inner lining of stomach is protected by one of the following from HCl acid. Choose the correct one-
A. bile
B. salivary amylase
C. pepsin
D. mucus
4. Choose the function of the pancreatic juice for the following-
A. trypsin digests proteins and lipase carbohydrates
B. trypsin digests emulsified fats and lipase proteins
C. trypsin digests proteins and lipase emulsified fats
D. trypsin and lipase digest fats
5. When air is blown from mouth into test-tube containing lime water, the lime water turned milky due to presence of-
A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. carbon dioxide
D. water vapour
6. The shape of guard cells changes due to change in the-
A. position of nucleus in the cell
B. temperature of the cells
C. amount of water in the cells
D. protein composition of cells

7. The growth of pollen tubes towards ovules is due to-
A. phototropism
B. geotropism
C. hydrotropism 
D. chemotropism
8. The movement of sunflower in accordance with the path of sun is due to-
A. geotropism
B. phototropism
C. hydrotropism
D. chemotropism
9. Involuntary actions in the body are controlled by-
A. medulla in hind brain
B. medulla in mid brain
C. medulla in fore brain
D. medulla in spinal cord
10. When a person is suffering from severe cold, he/she cannot-
A. differentiate red light from green light
B. differentiate a hot object from a cold object
C. differentiate the smell of a perfume from that of an agarbatti
D. differentiate the taste of an apple from that of an ice cream