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Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016

Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.Which of the following is not the stage of teaching
(a)Preactive stage
(b)Interactive stage
(c)Proactive stage
(d)Post active stage

2.Teaching methods is similar with-
(a)Teaching strategy
(b)Teaching tactic
(c)Teaching process
(d)Teaching techniques

3.The dependent variable in teaching process is-
(c)Teaching material
(d)Teaching techniques

4.Synthetic method is based on-
(a)Deductive reasoning
(b)Psychological principle
(d)All of the above

5.Text book is used by a teacher to fulfill his need for –
(a)Assigning homework
(b)Reference material
(c)Suitable subject matter
(d)All of the above

6.Edger Dale’s cone of experience shows relative effectiveness of-
(a)Teaching methods
(b)Teaching aids
(c)Teaching techniques
(d)Evaluation techniques

7.The steps of Morrison’s Approach are-

8.If you want to teach representation of Rational numbers on number line, which of the following teaching aids would you use-
(d)Tape recorder

9.Which of the skills do you consider most essential for a teacher-
(a)Encourage students to search for knowledge
(b)Have all the information for the children
(c)Ability to make children memorize materials
(d)Enable children to do well in test.

10.Success in developing value is mainly dependent upon-