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Social Science Quiz (History) for CTET Exam 2016

Social Science Quiz (History) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. Which was the first metal used by man?
A.  Copper
B.  Silver
C.  Bronze
D.  Brass

2. At which place was Akbar born?
A.  Delhi
B.  Agra
C.  Amarkot
D.  Kannauj

3. The famous temple of Kailasa, hewn out of the rock, is at –
A.  Ellora
B.  Badami
C.  Mahabalipuram
D.  Elephanta

4. What was the special tank of Mohenjo-daro named?
A.  Water tank
B.  Pattern tank
C.  Great Bath
D.  All of these

5. Copper and bronze were used to make –
A. tools
B. weapons
C. ornaments
D.  All of them

6. Harappan cities were divided into
A. 5 parts
B. 4 parts
C. 3 parts
D. 2 parts

7. Beside which river is the city of Lothal situated?
A.  Tapi
B.  Narmada
C. Godavari
D.  Sabarmati
8. Which association sprang us in Bengal during the Swadeshi Movement?
A.  AnushilanSamiti
B. SwadeshiSamiti
C. KrantikariSamiti
D. JugantarSamiti
9. Which of the following was not hanged in connection with the Kakori Conspiracy Case ?
A. BhagatSingh
B. Ashfaqullah Khan
C. RajendraLahiri
D. Roshan Singh

10. Gadar-Dal was founded at—
A. Berlin
B. Tokyo
C. Washington
D. San Francisco