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Teaching Aptitude Quiz (English) for KVS and NVS Exam

Teaching Aptitude Quiz (English) for KVS and NVS Exam_30.1

1. One of the important theory of moral development has been proposed by-
A. Lawrence Kohlberg
B. Erik Fromm
C. Daniel Coleman
D. Benjamin Bloom

2. Character is developed by-
A. will-power
B. conduct and behaviour
C. morality
D. all of the above

3. Which of the following is not a level of teaching learning?
A. differentiation level
B. understanding level
C. reflective level
D. memory level

4. NUEPA is mainly concerned with-
A. educational evaluation
B. educational planning
C. educational unity
D. educational supervision

5. Instruction medium affects the absence and escape from class teaching-
A. indefinite
B. disagreed
C. agreed
D. none of the above

6. The determinant of teaching skill training is-
A. headmaster
B. supervisor
C. pupil-teacher
D. components

7. For a good communication_______ is required
A. speaking without pause
B. speaking in a mild tone
C. dramatic presentation
D. clarity of thought

8. Which of the following is an approach to educational planning?
A. man-power approach
B. social demand approach
C. both A and B
D. none of the above

9.Field-work based research is classified as :
A. Empirical
B. Historical
C. Experimental
D. Biographical

10.A research problem is feasible only when :
A. it has utility and relevance
B. it is researchable
C. it is new and adds something to knowledge
D. all the above


S1: a
S2: d
S3: a
S4: b
S5: c
S6: d
S7: a
S8: c
S9: d
S10: d