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Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1. The memory level questions are-
A. recall and recognition type
B. analysis and synthesis type
C. original and judgment type
D. translation and extrapolation type

2. The characteristic of programmed instruction is-
A. student’s reinforcement
B. student’s activity
C. immediate result of student’s performance
D. all of the above

3. The basic aim of Heuristic strategy in teaching of mathematics is –
A. to enhance the knowledge of permanent nature in students
B. to enhance self-confidence in the students
C. to train students in scientific method
D. to train students in observation skills

4. The chief characteristic of good mathematics teaching is –
A. to provide auto-learning conditions
B. to promote democratic principles
C. to make effective planning
D. all of the above
5. The difference between teaching and instruction is –
A. interaction between teacher and learner takes place in teaching but not in instruction
B. teaching involves all aspects of behavior but instruction is related to constructive aspect
C. instruction lies in teaching act but not vice versa is not true
D. all of the above

6. The quality of autocratic teaching strategy in mathematics is –
A. student in passive state
B. teacher orienteers
C. teacher has command over education system
D. all of the above

7. Which of the following functions is not the remedial function of mathematics teaching?
A. arrangement of feedback system
B. determining content
C. determining objectives
D. to arrange remedial programme according to diagnosis

8. The advantage of teaching method in mathematics to a teacher is –
A. the method directs the teacher’s teaching
B. the method formulates the artistic aspect of teaching
C. the method makes the content simple and understandable
D. all of the above

9. “Cycle plan of teaching “is also known as –
A. RCEM approach
B. Morrison approach
C. Herbart approach
C. none of these

10. Which is not the step of inductive method?
A. testing and verification
B. observation
C. execution
D. generalization