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Teaching Aptitude Quiz (English) for KVS and NVS Exam

Teaching Aptitude Quiz (English) for KVS and NVS Exam_30.1

1.Teaching grammar is useful to improve-

2.Picture comprehension is effective to promote-
A.Artistic skill
B.Speaking skill
C.Listening skill
D.Literary skill

3.As a teacher you always say that students should play game also. Why do you say so?
A.It makes them physically strong
B.It makes work easier to teacher
C.It helps in passing time
D.It develops cooperation and physical balance

4.To enable children to learn on their own and sharpen observation skills which of the following is the best way?
A.Simple demonstration and experiment
B.To ensure discipline in the class
C.To follow what is being done in the senior class
D.To organize guest lecture

5. Structural approach is also known as –
A. direct approach
B. new approach
C. aural-oral approach
D. both 2 and 3

6. At primary stage, which method for teaching of writing is useful?
A. kinder garden method
B. French method
C. play way method
D. all of the way

7.Motivated behavior of a learner-
A.Motivates the learner
B.Acts as an energizer
C.Is goal directed
D.All of these

8.Generally the gifted students visiting the common classrooms become prey of the average teachers and face the difficulties of-
A.Poor temperament and become depressed in nature
B.Low performance and have the inferiority complexes
C.Rebellious attitudes towards normal students in the class
D.Introversion in the class

9. Type of curriculum used in our education is –
A. learner-centered
B. objective-centered
C. teacher-centered
D. content-centered

10. Which is not the step of inductive method?
A. testing and verification
B. observation
C. execution
D. generalization


S1: Ans.a
S2: Ans.b
S3: Ans.d
S4: Ans.a
S5: Ans.a
S6: Ans.d
S7: Ans.d
S8: Ans.b
S9: Ans.b
S10: Ans.c