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Social Science Quiz For CTET Exam 2016

Social Science Quiz For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. The Indus people dependent on Rajasthan for supply of-
A. tin and silver
B. silver and gold
C. tin and slate
D. slate and jade

2. A graduated scale on shell is found from-
A. Harappa
B. Lothal
C. Dhaulvira
D. Mohan-jo-daro

3. “Stoneware”, bangles of clay are found from-
A. Lothal and Rangpur
B. Harappa and Mohan-jo-daro
C. Kalibangan and Roper
D. Sotkakoh and Chanhudaro

4. A ‘Dockyard’ like structure was excavated in-
A. Lothal
B. Sotkakoh
C. Surkotada
D. Sutkagendor

5. The Indus people obtained copper from-
A. Baluchistan
B. Baluchistan and South India
C. Baluchistan, South India and Arabia
D. none of the above

6. In which position the deads were buried by the Harappan’s?
A. East-West position
B. North-South position
C. Any position
D. did not bury

7. The decline of urban phase of civilization is evident from-
A. vanishing of Harappa script
B. disappearance of bronze tools
C. no more red ware pottery with black designs
D. all of the above

8. Which site was used as sea port for trading?
A. Lothal
B. Dhaulvira
C. Sutkagendor
D. Rangpur

9. How many references of river Ganga are there in Rigveda?
A. one
B. three
C. seven
D. nine

10. Which region was inhabited by Rig Vedic Aryans?
A. Awadh
B. Gujarat
C. Vindhya region
D. Swat valley