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Reasoning Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams

Reasoning Quiz For KVS/NVS 2016 Exams_30.1

1.Umesh is taller than Sathish, Suresh is shorter than Neeraj but taller than Umesh. Who is the tallest among them?
(1) Umesh 
(2) Suresh
(3) Satish
(4) Neeraj

2.K is more beautiful than B. B is not as beautiful as Y. J is not as beautiful as B or Y. Whose beauty is in the least degree?
(1) B
(2) J
(3) Y
(4) K

3.Age of Nareen is equal to Naveen as they are twins. Nakul is younger than Nareen. Priyanka is younger than Balaji but elder than Naveen. Who is the eldest of all?
(1) Nareen
(2) Balaji
(3) Nakul
(4) Naveen

4.X is poorer than W, but not as poor as B. C is not as poor as X. Who is the poorest of all?
(1) B
(2) X
(3) C
(4) W

5.Srini is taller than Anlu. Ragu is taller than Chandru but shorter than Brinda. Srini is shorter than Cahndru. Who is the lattest?
(1) Srini
(2) Ragu
(3) Chandru
(4) Brinda

6.Five friends are sitting in a row facing south. Here Mohan is between Balu and Raju and Raju is to the immediate right of Praveen and Amith is to the right of Balu. Who is in extreme right end?
(1) Amith
(2) Balu
(3) Praveen
(4) Mohan

7.Bima is younger than Rita. Rita is younger than Kala. Kala is elder than Nila. Nila is younger than Bala. Who is the eldest of all of them?
(1) Rita
(2) Kala
(3) Bala
(4) Nila

8.Kathir is senior of Ganesh. Ganesh is senior than Apparu. Apparu is junior of Raju. Raju is junior of Ganesh. Who is the most senior?
(1) Ganesh 
(2) Raju
(3) Kathir
(4) Apparu

9.Four kids P, Q, R and S are up on the ladder. P is further up the ladder than Q, Q is between P and R. If S is further up than P,  who is the third from the bottom?
(1) Q
(2) R
(3) P
(4) S

10.Lalit is elder than Prakash and Kishore. Mukesh is elder than Rakesh but not as old as Lalit. Prakash is younger than Rakesh but is not the youngest. Who is the eldest?
(1) Lalit
(2) Mukesh
(3) Rakesh
(4) Kishore