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Geography Quiz for KVS/NVS Exams 2016

Geography Quiz for KVS/NVS Exams 2016_30.1

1.Sone a tributary of which river ?

2.the Bhakra Nangal Dam of India built on ______

3.What is the time difference (in hours) between GMT and IST (Indian Standard Time)?
A.Five and a half Right
D.Six and a half

4.Which among the following is a typical Monsoon vegetation in India? 
A.Tropical evergreen forests 
B.Tropical deciduous forest 
C.Tropical thorn forests 
D.Sub-Tropical evergreen forests

5.Which among the following cities of India will have midday Sun exactly overhead only once a year
A) Delhi and chennai 
B) Srinagar and Darjeeling
C) Hyderabad and Kohima 
D) Nagpur and Kolkata

6.The largest southern most single Island in India is
A) Rameswaram Island 
B) Minicoy Island
C) Car Nicobar Island 
D) Great Nicobar Island

7.Which of the following is a Trans- Himalayan river?
A) Ganga 
B) Yamuna
C) Indus 
D) Ravi

8.The state having largest area under wasteland is
A) Rajasthan 
B) Gujarat
C) Madhya Pradesh 
D) Jammu and Kashmir

9.Seacoast of which of the following states is the longest ?
A) Andhra Pradesh 
B) Maharashtra
C) Orissa 
D) Tamil Nadu

10.The State which tops in the production of rubber is 
A) Tamil Nadu 
B) Karnataka
C) Kerala 
D) Orissa