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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1.“Science is an attempt to make the chaotic diversity of our sense experiences correspond to logically uniform system of thought”.
Above mentioned definition of science is given by”.
a.WC Dampier
b.Albert Einstein
c.Pt JL Nehru
d.JB Conant

2.Which of the following strategies are most appropriate for a teacher to teach the topic  Save Energy 
A.Ask student to write slogans on saving energy
B.Write at least  five ways to save energy
C.Make a model/project to depict energy saving
D.Encouraging students to save energy in various ways in their lives
a.A, B and D
b.A, C and D
c.B, C and D
d.A, B and C

3.Identify the correct statement about the nature of science-
a.Speculation and conjecture also have a place in science, but ultimately a Scientific theory, to be acceptable, must be verified by relevant observation and/or  experiments
b.Science considered as value-neutral and objective, and the laws of science are viewed as fixed
c.The methodology of science and its demarcation from other fields continue to be a matter of philosophical debate
d.Even the most established and universal laws of science are always regarded as provisional, subject to modification in the light of new observations, experiments and analysis.

4.“Open a water tap. Adjust the flow so that it forms the thin stream. Charge a refill. Bring it near the water stream. Observe what happens. Write the short report on the activity”
The skill(s) developed in the students through this activity is/are-
a.Observation, experimentation and creativity
b.Only observation
c.Only experimentation
d.Observation, experimentation and communication

5.Which of the following assessment strategies is most appropriate to assess the experimental skill of students in the science classroom-
b.Concept mapping
c.Paper pencil test
d.Practical record

6.Seema usually takes her class VII students on a field trip. Which of the following could be the objective(s)?
A.It provides concrete experiences to the students
B.She can give them assignments and projects for formative assessment.
C.It enhances process skill of students
D.It saves her teaching time
a.Only A
b.Only D
c.B and C
d.A, B and C

7.Which of the following statements indicate(s) a good science classroom?
A.The learner devise their own experiments and record their observations
B.The learner observe the demonstration by the teacher and write its steps
C.The learner are free to ask many questions
D.The teacher, along with the text book, uses multiple resources to teach
a.Only B
b.B and D
c.A,C and D
d.A and C

8.Sometimes the students have alternative conception related to various science concepts. What should the Science teacher do?
A.Ignore their ideas
B.Help the students revisit their ideas though various activities
C.Scold the students for having nonscientific ideas
D.Tell the students that their ideas are wrong and teach them the correct concept

9.The assessment in science should focus on 
a.Getting accurate result while conducting the experiments
b.The ability to make neat and clear diagrams
c.The understanding of concepts processes
d.Precise definition and correct answer

10.Which of the following make (s) good open ended question(s)?
A.What difficulties would we face if our bodies did not have muscles in it ?
B.What is the difference between the stem of a rose plant,  mango tree and tulsi?
C.Snake and snail have very different styles of movement. Why is it so?
D.Observe various roots and write their features?
a.Only A
b.Only C
c.A and C
d.B and D