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English Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016

English Quiz (Pedagogy) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1.A teacher’s gesture and movement during teaching is a constituent of the skill of-
(b)Stimulus variation

2.Micro teaching is a technique used by teacher educators when trainees-
(a)Watch a live demonstration
(b)Watch an audio-visual presentation
(c)Received individualized, programmed instruction 
(d)Use the simulation technique to develop their skill.

3.What are the methods of teaching spelling?
(a)Correct pronunciation 
(b)Dictionary method
(d)All of these

4.Which of the following is not the approach of teaching of English?
(a)Dr. West’s New Approach 
(b)Linguistic Communicative Approach
(c)Structural Approach
(d)Situational Approach 

5.Which one is not the principle of teaching English?
(a)Learning by doing
(b)Readings books
(c)Seeing the object in real
(d)Creating interest

6.Objective of teaching composition is to enable the student:
(a)To use vocabulary already learnt
(b)To make appropriate use of punctuation
(c)To express their ideas
(d)All of these

7.Teaching of prose includes-
(a)Detailed prose lesson
(b)Non detailed prose lesson
(c)Both of these
(d)None of these

8.In primary classes, which method would you use for teaching pronunciation?
(c)Singing songs
(d)All of these

9.Literary development should be the aim of teaching English at-
(a)Pre Primary stage
(b)Middle stage
(c)Primary stage
(d)Senior secondary stage

10.The word method in the teaching of reading was introduced by—–
(d)Edmund Burke