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Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. Knowledge represents the lowest level of the objective of cognitive domain. Which objective comes after it?
A. application
B. understanding
C. evaluation
D. synthesis

2. Which of the following has led to the foundation of scientific method?
A. inductive method
B. deductive method
C. inductive-deductive method
D. deductive-inductive method

3. Which of the following will be the true nature of science?
A. development of theory
B. the testing of substantive hypothesis deducted from theory
C. collection of data
D. only a and b

4.Visits to Science Museum is related to-
A.Book reading
B.Watch film
C.Educational Trip
D.All of Above

5.Major problem in teaching of Science is-
A.Teacher are not trained according to need of the course
B.Least interest of science teacher
C.Heavy loads on science teacher
D.Least interest of the students

6.Best method of teaching –‘parts of plant’ is-
A.Problem solving methods
B.Field trip
C.Project method
D.Lecture method

7.Which approach is related to teaching of Science?
A.Integrated approach
B.Standard approach
C.Correlation approach
D.Unit approach

8. Which one of the following is not the objective of teaching of science at upper primary stage?
A. acquiring technological skills
B. developing questioning and enquiring skills
C. acquiring process skills
D. acquiring scientific literacy

9. Which of the folowing does not reflect the personality attribute of a person having scientific temper?
A. open mindedness
B. rational thinking
C. biased opinion
D. seeking evidence

10. National Curriculum Framework (NCF) strongly recommends that Science education at upper primary stage should-
A. prepare students for competitive examinations
B. follow constructivistic approach for teaching and learning of the subject
C. help students to be emotionally balanced
D. help students to acquire computational skills