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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

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1. Dynamic approach to teaching means
A. teaching should be forceful and effective
B. teachers should be energetic and dynamic
C. the topics of teaching should not be static, but dynamic
D. the students should be required to learn through activities

2. For a teacher, which of the following methods would be correct for writing on the blackboard?
A. asking a question to students and then writing the answer as stated by them
B. writing the important points as clearly as possible
C. writing the matter first and then asking students to read it
D. writing fast and as clearly as possible

3. Reasoning by analogy leads to
A. surety
B. certainty
C. predictive conjecture
D. definite conclusion

4. Good tests of a psychological nature bear the following features—
A. Reliability
B. Cheaper
C. Guessing Power
D. Rote learning

5. A child with average potential intelligence but fertile environment will achieve—
A. A better life
B. An average life
C. Nothing in life
D. Everything in life

6. Adult education is for
A. illiterate adults
B. school going adults
C. normal adult people
D. all of these

7. A teacher can be successful if he/she
A. prepares students to pass the examination
B. presents the subject matter in a well organized manner
C. helps students in becoming better citizens
D. imparts subject knowledge to students

8. Which of the following does not belong to a projected aid?
A. slide projector
B. overhead projector
C. blackboard
D. epidiascope

9. Mental Health is—
A. Harmonious functioning of the total personality
B. Symptoms of maladjustment
C. Terrible excitement
D. Throwing up temper-tantrums

10. During the ………….. children are faced with a problem of coping with school.
A. Toddlerhood
B. Pro-social period
C. Preschool period
D. Middle childhood