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General Awareness Quiz For upcoming 2016-17 Exams

General Awareness Quiz For upcoming 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1. Which of the following battles opened the Delhi area to Muhammad Ghori?
(a) First Battle of Tarain
(b) Second Battle of Tarain
(c) Battle of Khanwa
(d) First Battle of Panipat

2. Chola dynasty ruled over
(a) Tamil Nadu
(b) Andhra
(c) Kerala
(d) Bengal

3. ____________can be used to meet the unanticipated expenditure without the prior approval of the Parliament.
(a) Consolidated Fund of India
(b) Contingency Fund of India
(c) Vote-on-Account
(d) From the Treasury

4. What is ENIAC
(a) An electronic calculator
(b) An electronic computer
(c) An memory device
(d) An engine

5. How many bits does one byte consist of?
(a) one bit
(b) four bits
(c) eight bits
(d) ten bits

6. Which of the following vertebrates lacks exoskeleton?
(a) Amphibians
(b) Mammals
(c) Aves
(d) Chondrichtyes

7. ____________deals with the interaction of same species of living organisms with their non-living environment.
(a) Autecology
(b) Synecology
(c) Ecology
(d) Paleontology

8. ___________are also known as ‘Atom bombs’.
(a) Microtubules
(b) Nucleolus
(c) Golgi bodies
(d) Lysosomes

9. What does ‘AM’ in radio broadcasting stand for?
(a) Amplitude Movement
(b) Anywhere Movement
(c) Amplitude Matching
(d) Amplitude Modulation

10. Which of the following reactions powers the sun?
(a) fusion reaction
(b) fission reaction
(c) combustion reaction
(d) chemical reaction