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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

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1. If you win a lottery, what will you do with the money?
A. purchase a house
B. visit tourist places
C. purchase a car
D. open a school

2. Most important work of teacher is—
A. to organize teaching work
B. to deliver lecture in class
C. to take care of children
D. to evaluate the students

3. If a child is not good at learning meaning words he/she should—
A. Leave School
B. Be provided drilling exercises
C. Be given diagnostic tests
D. Learn at home

4.A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students should
A.evaluate his teaching method and improve it
B.resign from the post
C.find fault in his pupils
D.start dictating

5. Which quality is most important for students?
A. hard work
B. obedience
C. humility
D. independent thinking

6. Child Labour Prohibition Act (1986)—
A. Prohibits all types of child labour upto 14 years of age of child
B. Prohibits child labour in risk-taking works only
C. Prohibits child labour during school hours only
D. Prohibits child labour by imposing the responsibility of children’s education on the employers

7.Child labor needs to be discouraged because—
A. Makes parents dependent on children
B. Children are not efficient workers
C. This prevents them from education
D. Leads to unemployment in adults

8.The field of education is permeated by conflicts and misconception because
A.problems in education call for subjectivity of interpretation
B.problems encountered in teaching are not amenable to rigorous scientific investigation
C.there are not good teaching methods and procedures
D.teachers are not worthy of doing rigorous scientific investigation

9. Which of the following is most appropriate about your honesty?
A. I am the most honest person
B. I have done all my tasks with a sense of duty
C. I have turned down so many tempting offers
D. I never accepted any gift for any work

10. The best remedy of the student’s problems related with learning is—
A. Suggestion for hard work
B. Supervised study in Library
C. Suggestion for private tuition
D. Diagnostic teaching