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Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

Maths Quiz (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. In order to help the students with difficulties in remembering the geometrical terms and their meaning, a teacher must-  
(a) Test students on definition of geometrical terms 
(b) Encourage group discussions 
(c) Stress on rote memorization of all terms and definitions
(d) Use lots of activities like preparing or solving crossword puzzles jig-saw puzzles etc.  
2. Ankur got zero marks in a word problem on liner equations in an assessment. The teacher knows that he can solve linear equations correctly. The teacher ought to remark in his report-
(a) Ankur has a problem in comprehending the language of the question, though he can solve the equations
(b) Ankur lacks concentration and hence has examination phobia 
(c) Ankur is not studying and practicing at home 
(d) Ankur has not understood the concept of liner equations completely 

3. While teaching ratio and proportion, Ms Rama demonstrated, some computer operations on the screen – ‘copy and paste’ and ‘copy and enlarge’ or ‘copy and reduce’. This activity may be- 
(a) Formative assessment activity 
(b) Fun activity to pass time 
(c) Pre-content activity to introduce ratio 
(d) Post-content activity 
4. When introducing mensuration, a teacher writers all the formula on the board before proceeding further. This reflects that she is following the- 
(a) Deductive approach 
(b) Experimental approach 
(c) Practical approach 
(d) Inductive approach 
5. Blue print is prepared for- 
(a) Teaching 
(b) Planning for teaching 
(c) Preparing question paper 
(d) Preparing teaching aids  
6. Teaching aids or the material aids are used to make teaching- 
(a) Interesting 
(b) Effective 
(c) Motivating 
(d) All of these 
7. B. S. Bloom classified cognitive domain in- 
(a) 6 areas 
(b) 8 areas 
(c) 4 areas 
(d) 10 areas 
8. While starting teaching the teacher asks some introductory questions. Such questions are asked for- 
(a) Drawing students attention 
(b) Motivating students 
(c) To carry students from known to unknown 
(d) All of the above 

9. A teacher in grade-VI provided each child with a centimeter gird paper and a pair of scissors. She wanted them to explore how two-dimensional shapes can be folded into three-dimensional objects. Which of the following concepts are the students exploring? 
(a) Reflection 
(b) Nets 
(c) Decimals 
(d) Rotation 
10. Who gave the concept of ‘Cone of Experiences?
(a) John Leopard 
(b) L.C. Smith 
(c) Edgar Dale 
(d) None of these