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English(pedagogy) for Paper I and II

English(pedagogy) for Paper I and II_30.1
1. Meeta, a teacher of young  learners , provides them with opportunities to play with clay, water and sand so as to-
A. encourage play with no other objective
B. build fine motor skills, especially of the fingers and thumb
C. dirty their hands so that they may learn to wash them
D. please them and make them happy

2. Grammar should be taught by-
A. making learners do written assignments
B. giving clear explanations
C. enabling practice in context
D. asking students to learn rules

3. The spoken skills in a language teaching classroom can be developed through-
A. enabling activities with a focus on conversation skills leading to communicative competence
B. engaging in small talk as confident aggressive learners
C. emotionally connecting with learners
D. group activities where learners can talk in whichever language they would like to

4. In a diverse classroom, learners find it difficult to speak-
A. they are not motivated to learn
B. they lack enough competence and the structures of the two languages are different
C. they don’t have the ability to learn English
D. they are slow learner

5. Leena uses Big Reading Book in her language classes to-
A. allow student to read at home
B. ensure books carry a lot of information
C. use these illustrated colourful books for reading together
D. use them for big students of different ages

6. What type of questions promotes thinking skills in children?
A. factual questions
B. closed ended question
C. question based purely on the reading text
D. personal response questions
Ans. D

7. “Students need to brainstorm ideas, organize them, draft, edit and revise their work”, is  a ‘ process’ which reflects-
A. writing skills
B. reading skills
C. listening skills
D. speaking skills

8. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 stipulates that learning should be-
A. restricted to co-scholastic subjects
B. through activities in a child-friendly manner
C. supported by extra coaching
D. carefully monitored by frequent testing

9. The aim of mechanical drill is to-
A. improve the fluency of the learners
B. improve the accuracy of the learners
C. strengthen the role learning capacity of the learners
D. encourage creative use of language among the learners

10. A textbook describes a domestic scene which shows the father cooking in the kitchen , the mother coming home from work and their son sewing. What is the concept conveyed?
A. it prevents learners from discovering the meaning through puzzling out using clues
B. learners already know the meaning of the words
C. vocabulary will not be enriched
D. learners do not like to be given the meaning of words