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English Quiz: Pedagogy For CTET Exam 2016

English Quiz: Pedagogy For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.Which one of the following is not true about listening and speaking?
A.Oral speech is acquired through listening
B.Speaking is not integrated with listening
C.For the students to speak English, it is essential that English is spoken in class 
D.Speech delivery, intonation, rising tone, pronunciation are mastered by listening

2.Which is the full form of NCERT?
A.National cultural and  Economic Research and Training
B.National Council of Educational Research and Training
C.Natural Curriculum Environmental Research and Training
D.National Committee Of Educational Relation and training

3.Generally the gifted students visiting the common classrooms become prey of the average teachers and face the difficulties of-
A.Poor temperament and become depressed in nature
B.Low performance and have the inferiority complexes
C.Rebellious attitudes towards normal students in the class
D.Introversion in the class

4.On what principles, is the teaching of English based upon-
B.Linguistic principles
C.Pedagogical principles
D.All of these

5.To know a word means the ability to recognize and use it  in its-
A.Spoken form
B.Written form
D.All of these

6.Expression content channel is used in-
C.Both A and B
D.None of these

7.Methods of teaching pronunciation is-
D.All of these

8.Vocabulary can be taught by using the following techniques-
D.All of these

9.Which of these are structural words?
D.All of these

10.Motivated behavior of a learner-
A.Motivates the learner
B.Acts as an energizer
C.Is goal directed
D.All of these