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Science Quiz: (Biology) For CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz: (Biology) For CTET Exam 2016_30.1
1. Survival of plants in terrestrial environment has been made possible by the presence of-
A. Intercalary meristem 
B. Conducting tissue
C. Apical meristem
D. Parenchymatous tissue

2. Cork cell are made impervious to water and gases by the presence of –

A. Cellulose
B. Lipids
C. Suberin
D. Lignin

3. Flexibility in plants is due to-
A. Collenchyma
B. Sclerenchyma
C. Parenchyma
D. Chlorenchyma

4. Parenchyma cells are-
A. Relatively unspecified and thin walled
B. Thick walled and specialized
C. Lignified
D. None of these

5. A nail is inserted in the trunk of a tree at a height of 1 meter from the ground level. After 3 year the nail will-
A. Move downward
B. Move upward
C. Remain at the same position
D. Move sideways

6. Select the incorrect sentence-
A. Blood has matrix containing proteins, salts and hormones
B. Two bones are connected with ligament
C. Tendons are non-fibrous tissue and fragile
D. Cartilage is a form of connective tissue  

7. Which is not a function of epidermis?
A. Protection from adverse condition
B. Gaseous exchange
C. Conduction water
D. Transpiration

8. Meristematic tissues in plant are-
A. Localized and permanent
B. Not limited to certain regions
C. Localized and dividing cells
D. Growing in volume

9. Which muscles act involuntarily?
(i) Striated muscles
(ii) Smooth muscles
(iii) Cardiac muscles
(iv) Skeleton muscles
A. i and ii
B. ii and iii
C. iii and iv
D. i and iv 

10.While doing work and running you move organs like hands, legs etc. which among the following is correct?
A. Smooth muscles contract and pull the ligament to move the bones
B. Smooth muscles contract and pull the tendons to move the bones
C. Skeletal muscles contract and pull the ligament to move the bones
D. Skeletal muscles contract and pull the tendon to move the bones