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Science Mix Quiz for CTET Exam 2016

Science Mix Quiz for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.  Nuclear family refers to-
A. any family born after 1956
B. family includes parents and their children
C. only husband and wife
D. entire family including children, their parents and grand parents

2. Tobacco addiction is due to-
A. nicotine
B. cocaine
C. caffeine
D. histamine
3. Carrier of Dengue disease is-
A. aedes mosquito
B. culex mosquito
C. anopheles mosquito
D. housefly
4. DDT is-
A. an antibiotic
B. dichloro difluoro titanium
C. degradable fertilizer
D. non-degradable pollutant
5. Renewable sources of energy is-
A. coal
B. plants
C. uranium
D. petrol
6. Maximum amount of gas found in air is-
A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. carbon-dioxide
D. hydrogen

7. Ozone layer is found in-
A. stratosphere
B. thermosphere
C. troposphere
D. mesosphere
8. Most plants are present in-
A. Lithosphere
B. Atmosphere
C. Photosphere
D. Hydrosphere
9. Which is not a biotic factor?
A. plants
B. animals
C. rocks
D. micro-organisms
10. A fresh egg sinks in pure water whereas it floats in saturated salty water, this is due to-
A. egg shell is made up of calcium which is lighter than pure water
B. higher density of the salty water
C. higher density of the pure water
D. the fluid matter inside the egg shell