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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams

Teaching Aptitude Quiz for 2016-17 Exams_30.1

1. A teacher has serious defect is he/she—
(A) is physically handicapped
(B) belongs to low socio-economic status
(C) has weak personality
(D) has immature mental development

2. The success of teacher is—
(A) high achievement of students
(B) good traits of his/her personality
(C) his/her good teaching
(D) his/her good character

3. The most appropriate meaning of learning is—
(A) Inculcation of knowledge
(B) Modification of behavior
(C) Personal adjustment
(D) Acquisition of skills

4.A teacher in the class should keep the pitch of his voice
(A) high enough
(B) low
(C) moderate
(D) sometime low and sometime high

5.All of the following are the characteristic features of an effective teacher except
(A) emphasis upon standard
(B) emphasizing group discussion for the purpose of clarifying the objectives
(C) emphasis upon the quick control of the problematic situation
(D) differential treatment meted out to students of his class

6.What type of children should have activity of creative writing?
(A) Only those children reading on grade level
(B) Only those children who can spell and also, can write cohesive sentences
(C) Only those children who want to write for the newspaper of the class
(D) All children

7. If heredity is a significant feature to evaluate a particular behavior, what forecast can we make about expression of the behavior in identical twins reared apart compared to its expression in fraternal twins reared apart?
(A) Fraternal twins will express the behaviour more similarly than identical twins.
(B) There will be little similarity in the expression of the behaviour in either set of twins.
(C) Identical twins will express the behaviour more similarly than fraternal twins.
(D) The behaviour will be expressed as similarly by identical twins as it is by fraternal twins.

8. What was Frobel’s most important contribution to education?
(A) Vocational school
(B) Public high school
(C) Kindergarten
(D) Latin School

9. Kindergarten system of education was contributed by—
(A) T. P. Nunn
(B) Spencer
(C) Frobel
(D) Montessori

10. The contribution of taxpayers in Primary education is in the form of—
(A) Income Tax
(B) Tuition Fee
(C) Paying money for individual tution
(D) Educational cess