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Social Science Quiz( Paper II) for CTET Exam 2016

Social Science Quiz( Paper II) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1. A judge gives decision on a case-
A. on the basis of argument
B. on the basis of fee paid
C. on the basis of evidence
D. on the basis of police enquiry

2. Diseases like diarrhoea, dysentry, cholera can be prevented through-
A. providing cheap medicines
B. providing safe drinking water
C. better health care facilities
D. education of health and hygiene

3. A teacher wants to give a case study to students of class VII. Which of the following topics would be most appropriate-
A. earthquake
B. major crops of India
C. structure of the earth
D. minerals found in India

4. At the upper primary stage, according to NCF-2005, the content of Social Studies will draw its content from which of the following subjects-
A. Environmental Science, History, Civics
B. History, Political Science and and Values Education
C. History, Civics and Geography
D. History, Geography, Political Science and Economics
5. Children have little exposure to laws, therefore, while discussing laws, it is important that teacher should-
A. give as many examples from familiar context
B. create fear regarding laws
C. discuss about juvenile laws only
D. explain all the aspects of laws clearly

6. According to NCF 2005, the aim of education in Social Science be enable student to-
A. criticise political decision
B. analyse socio political decisions
C. retention of information on socio political situation in the country
D. present knowledge about socio political principles in concise way

7. The content of Social Science should aim at-
A. making students familiar with happening in the world around
B. inculcating nationalism in students
C. imparting knowledge about developed countries
D. raising students awareness through critically exploring and questioning of familiar social reality

8. Which of the following is called ‘Lungs’ of the Earth-
A. temperature evergreen forest of China
B. tropical deciduous forest of Central America
C. tropical evergreen forest of Brazil
D. tropical deciduous forest of Chile

9. In India, Tropical Rain Forests are found in-
A. Andaman and Nicobar Island
B. Madhya Pradesh 
C. Himachal Pradesh
D. Rajasthasn

10. Which is the world’s longest mountain range-
A. the Alps
B. the Andes
C. the Himalayas
D. the Rocky