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Unlock 4.0 School Reopening: SOPs Issued by Health Ministry for Partial Reopening of Schools from Class 9 to 12

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has published an update regarding the opening of schools. The Health Ministry officially published a  Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on 8th September evening of partial re-opening of schools for higher classes. 

Since we are all aware of the current situation that Schools have been closed since April due to the worldwide pandemic situation. Schools and students have suffered a lot during this academic year of 2020-21. Finally, the Health Ministry has declared the opening of schools in Unlock 4. The notice states that partial reopening of school will take place from 21st September 2020 for classes of 9,10,11 and 12. SOP clearly states that the reopening will be totally voluntary and students can come and take guidance from teachers with their parent’s consent. Students will need to submit a properly signed declaration by their parents in order to visit schools during this time. 

Official Notification Released:

In the detailed notification, it covers two important points regarding the preventive measures to be taken when the school opens and the measures to be taken by the school before the school opens. The notification provides Generic preventive measures and preventive measures before the reopening of schools. SOP explained the prerequisites which need to be done before the school reopening on 21st September 2020. Students can find the full information here:

General Preventive Measures

According to the official notification by the Health Ministry, these are the preventive measures which need to be followed and properly managed by schools when the school reopens:

  • Use of Face masks and Face covers in the school premises
  • Use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and regular washing of hands with soap
  • Maintaining a distance of 6 feet between teachers and students as feasible
  • Respiratory etiquettes such as covering one’s mouth while sneezing and coughing too be followed
  • SElf-monitoring of health and reporting of illness at the earliest
  • Installation of use of Aarogya Setu App

Measure Before Reopening of Schools

Here, you will see the measures which are to be followed by schools before the school opens as per the official SOP released by Health Ministry:

  • Only schools which are not in Containment zones are allowed to be open
  • Teachers and students residing in containment zones are not allowed to visit the school
  • Schools which were used as quarantine centers in the past need to go for deep sanitization and cleaning
  • Proper sanitization of schools including laboratories, halls with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Only 9 to 12 class students are allowed to visit schools on a voluntary basis
  • Only 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff can come to school
  • Marking and management of crowding outside school premises need to be planned
  • A contactless attendance system needs to be adopted
  • Assemblies, sports events, etc are strictly prohibited
  • Swimming pools in schools will remain closed
  • Backup storage of face masks, sanitizers, gloves should be available in need for teachers and students
  • Sanitizers, sodium hypochlorite solutions, soaps should be readily available at school
  • Pulse oximeters for checking oxygen level and thermo gun should be available in need to check any ill person
  • Management of covered dustbins and trash cans should be properly done at school premises

Schools in order to reopen need to follow all these preventive measures and also follow these strictly in order to prevent the infection spread and to provide a safe environment for students and teachers.


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