According to the latest announcements as on Monday, 18 May 2020, the government of Punjab has taken the decision of broadcasting the curriculum of the state-run schools on the DD Punjabi channel. With all the educational institutions like schools and colleges closed down since the mid-March due to the unforeseen outbreak of the coronavirus and global pandemic COVID 19, the nation has been brought to a standstill. With the academics on an indefinite pause, and the lockdown stretching over its fourth phase, the students are likely to lose touch of the studies. This initiative has been taken by the Punjab government in order to ensure that the students do not suffer from the lockdown and get affected academically.


Government Issues Detailed Guidelines For Curriculum Broadcast

The government has also meticulously scheduled the class timings for students belonging to each class. An education programme had already been made available for the benefit of students of classes 7th and 8th already on DTH platforms from 20 April 2020 by the school education department. Starting from 19 May, the timing of the telecast for the class 9 students starts at 9 am and will end at 11: 15 am. This will be followed by the telecast for the class 10 students, starting from 11:15 am to 1:45 pm. Subsequently, the primary classes, 3, 4 and 5 will have their telecast scheduled from 1:45 pm to 2:45 pm, according to the latest update from the government.


The District Education Officers and heads of schools have already been intimated about this by the Director of Education. The school heads will have to then ensure that the teachers also watch these programs and will have to collect feedback on these programs on a daily basis from them. The teachers, in turn, will have to pass down the information regarding the schedule and timetable for these programs to the students and maintain individual communication with each of the students. The students are to be motivated to indulge in these activities and effectively utilize the free time to make up for the loss of classes.


Parents Get Relief On The Fee Payment Front

The Punjab Education Minister Vijay Inder Singla had earlier said the schools conducting online classes would be allowed to only charge tuition fees from the students for the lockdown period. No other additional fee, like bus fees, uniform fees, or sports fees, can be taken from students. However, the schools that are not conducting online classes cannot charge any type of fee from the students. This has come as a huge relief for the parents.

With the government taking this noteworthy initiative, it is now essential that the parents motivate the kids to pursue their lessons through the DD broadcast as well as with the help of online classes. Schools in the state will continue to remain closed as the lockdown has been extended further. 



Ever since the nationwide lockdown has come into effect since 25th March 2020, educational activities across the country have come to a halt. As all the schools and colleges across the country are shut to control the spread of the virus, students have been advised by the authorities and school management to continue their education through the available online classes. But as many students do not have the necessary equipment for completing the online classes, they were facing problems with the continuation of their studies.


Now, in order to help deserving students continue their online classes during the lockdown, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has started various initiatives under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. The initiatives encompass various technical interventions at the right time to facilitate the education of students. One of the measures that the government has taken is to distribute free laptops, tabs, and braille readers to help the students attend online classes.


Multiple Initiatives Are Taken By The J-K Government

 Under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, the Government of Jammu and Kashmir is undertaking a slew of measures. It has distributed free laptops and tablets at resource rooms to help the students. Free braille readers have also been distributed to visually challenged students for facilitating their online learning.


Additionally, the government has also started a career portal wherein students will be given guidance and advice regarding their career-related queries and questions. The students residing in the region can also seek guidance regarding shaping their careers. Additionally, students with no access to the internet or other technological resources can now get their lessons through the radio classes being organized by the government.


Continuing Education Is Extremely Important

According to an official spokesperson of the government in J & K, “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all educational institutes have been closed, and the government initiated the process of online or virtual classes.” He further added, “In order to maintain the continuity of education delivery to students, several steps are being taken.”


The government has already distributed 2500 tablets amongst the students to help them continue with their studies during the lockdown. These measures have come as a huge relief to students who were unable to continue their classes due to lack of resources. Now, they can continue with their education and learning process with the help of the tools made available to them.


The schools in the UT have been closed till 17th May 2020 i.e. the end of the third phase of the nationwide lockdown. But as the situation of the pandemic is not improving in the country, the lockdown is likely to be extended. So, the students in the region must make use of the available resources and continue their education.  




Class 10 Maths Chapter 3 – Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables Video Lectures & PDF

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In this blog we are sharing video lectures for class 10th Maths Chapter 3 Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables Simple trick In Hindi.



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Class 12th Biology Chapter 1 – Reproduction In Organism video lectures & PDF.  Adda247 School provides video lectures on its YouTube channel “Adda247 School“.


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Class 11th Physics Chapter 1, (Physical World and Measurement) video lectures & PDF to download.

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Class 12th English Chapter wise video lectures & PDF to download.  Adda247 School provides video lectures on its YouTube channel “Adda247 School“. These video lectures and the pdf files will very helpful for board exams.


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Schools in Delhi have been closed since mid-March to control the spread of Coronavirus infection amongst the students. But this has put the academic future of the students in a quandary as not only are the final examinations pending for certain subjects; new academic session might not start at least till July 2020. As a result, the schools have been looking for alternate arrangements to help the students with continuing their studies.


Delhi Education: Online Classes & Study Materials To EVS Students

Online classes have been one such endeavor that aims to ensure that education does not stop. But students belonging to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Children with Special Needs (CWSN), and Disadvantaged Group (DG) have been unable to access the online learning resources and are suffering due to it.


Taking cognizance of the matter, the Delhi Government has issued instructions to all private unaided schools operating in Delhi to provide the children from the above-mentioned categories with the necessary study material and online classes at the earliest. As of now, no special arrangements have been made by the private unaided schools in Delhi to assist the students enrolled under these sections.


The notice issued by the Directorate of Education states that “All the Private Unaided Recognized Schools providing online learning material or classes to the students are hereby directed to ensure that online classes or learning material are also provided to the students admitted under EWS, DG, CWSN category.”


The notice issued by the Directorate of Education further added that “In no case, any EWS, DG, CWSN category student shall be deprived of providing online classes or learning material.” Moreover, the notice specified that  “Schools shall ensure the same (access to online classes) in a similar manner as being provided to General category students.” The said notice was issued on 29th April 2020 and instructed the schools to take the necessary actions immediately.


On the other hand, Delhi Government has asked the Central Government to cancel the CBSE Board Exams for Class 10th and 12th students and have asked them to be assessed based on their performance in the internal assessment.


Ever since the closure of schools in Delhi since 16th March 2020, parents and students have been facing significant inconvenience due to the coronavirus lockdown. Schools have been looking for alternate modes of teaching, and online classes have become the new normal. But students form specific sections were facing problems as no particular arrangements had been made for them.


Now that the guidelines have been issued from the Delhi Government, it can be expected that the students from Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Children with Special Needs (CWSN), and Disadvantaged Group (DG) will also be able to continue their studies without any hassles.


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UP Board Start Classes For 10th, 12th Students on Doordarshan

Class 10th maths free online video lectures & PDF (NCERT Solution). Adda247 School provides video lectures on its YouTube channel (Adda247 School). We have published video lectures on Adda247 School blog page. You can now watch and download class 10th chapter wise/topic wise free video Lectures & PDF from the link given in videos below. These NCERT Solution based video lectures & PDF are useful for class 10th CBSE, ICSE, and all state board exams.


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UP Board Start Classes On Doordarshan: The nationwide lockdown implemented due to the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected each and every section of society. But the impact on the education sector of the country has been quite telling. Not only have most of the schools been declared closed till the end of June, but final examinations for many classes have also been postponed till the lockdown is lifted. As a result, students are left with too many uncertainties regarding their future. While many schools have started online classes for their students, dodgy internet connectivity in most regions of the country poses a stiff challenge for students residing in remote locations. In order to ensure that the students can continue with their lessons and make the most of their time during the lockdown, the UP Board has taken a unique initiative. Check >> UP Board Result 2020: Answer Sheet Evaluation In Red Zones From May 19

As per the latest announcement, Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board will begin telecasting special classes for class 10th and 12th students on Doordarshan. The telecast of the classes will commence from 1st May 2020 itself on the DD Swayamprabha Channel, which is an educational channel launched by the HRD Ministry.

Link To Check UP Board Result 2020:

While making this announcement, Ms. Aradhna Shukl, Principal Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board, said that there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the reopening of the schools. As a result, class 10th and 12th students can start taking these special classes and keep their studies ongoing. Check | CBSE Issues Clarification Over Class 10th, Class 12th Board Exams: Check Details


UP Board Classe Timing On DD Channel: Check Here

This decision has been taken by the board, keeping in mind the special needs of the students who will be appearing for the secondary school examinations in UP in 2021. The process of recording the videos for all subjects is presently underway at the APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University. Every day a total of four, 30 minutes classes will be conducted every day, out of which two classes will be for class 10th students, and two classes will be for class 12th students. For the sake of convenience of the students, the classes will be repeated in the evening as well.

The details regarding the schedule of the classes are as follows: –

  •           Channel                                    >>                DD Swayamprabha
  •           Duration of the classes       >>                   2 Hours every day
  •           Timing of the classes           >>                   10 AM to 12 Noon every day

The channel is available on the leading DTH platforms as well. The details regarding the same are mentioned below: –

  •           Dish TV                   >>             Channel No. 946, 947, 949, and 950.
  •           Airtel DTH                >>           Channel No. 437, 438, and 439.
  •           Videocon DTH        >>          Channel No. 475, 476, and 477.
  •           Tata Sky                  >>           Channel No. 765

DD Swayamprabha is a group of 32 channels that telecast educational programs round the clock. So, the students must note the schedule and start attending these special classes on time.


Manipur News: Notice To Promote Class 11 Students To Class 12

Due to the ongoing nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all the educational institutions and schools across the country have been closed. As the schools are not expected to be open before the month of July, the future of students has been hanging in jeopardy. Putting an end to the anxiety of class 11th students, the Council for Higher Secondary Education Manipur (COHSEM) has instructed all the higher secondary schools and colleges in the state to promote class 11th students to class 12th immediately.


An official notification in this matter has been issued by Ch Biren Singh, Secretary, COHSEM, wherein all the schools and colleges have been instructed to submit the tabulation sheets prepared to the council, latest by 13th May 2020. The notification was issued by the council after the decision taken by the state government during a cabinet meeting on 20th April 2020.


As per the instructions of the council, the promotion will be given only to those students who have their admit cards and will be based on their performance in the internal assessment tests conducted by the respective institution. This decision holds significant importance as the students, and their parents were left confused after the examinations had to be canceled midway due to the nationwide lockdown as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.


The examinations for class 11th students were originally started on 17th February and were to be completed by 26th March 2020. But the examination was suspended on 19th May 2020 after questions of five subjects started doing rounds on the social medial. The subjects whose questions were leaked were Manipuri, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Thereafter an FIR was also lodged, and the accused, who worked with a private institution, was apprehended and sent to judicial custody.


Thereafter a probe committee was formed to look into the reasons behind the leaking of the questions in social media and suggest necessary changes for the future. While the committee was conducting its probe, the council rescheduled the examination for the remaining papers on 9th April 2020. But when the Prime Minister announced the nationwide lockdown from 25th March 2020 for an initial period of 21 days and then for another 19 days, the examinations had to be postponed indefinitely.


Now that the decision has been taken by the state government and has been notified by the Council for Higher Secondary Education Manipur, the students can now breathe a sigh of relief and start focusing on the upcoming (curtailed) academic session and start their preparations accordingly.