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Supreme Court’s Decision on CBSE and CISCE Term 1 Board Hybrid Exam 2021

Supreme Court’s Decision on CBSE and CISCE Term 1 Board Hybrid Exam: A group of 6 students had earlier filed a plea demanding online exams for Class 10 and 12 exams. The students wanted that they should be given a choice to either take the first term board exams in online or offline mode.

On Thursday, the bench of Justices AM Khawilkar and CT Ravikumar dismissed the plea. The reason for dismissal was that the exams have already started on November 16th and any intervention would disturb the entire examination process.

The judges further added that they believe the examination centres will adhere to all the covid norms and will take proper precaution which is why it is safe for student’s to appear in the board exams.


CBSE Board Exam 2021 Latest News: Adequate arrangements have been made for the exams

The bench of judges stated that each state has been given the responsibility to look after the arrangements done in examination centres, a day before the exams. This is the reason that they have complete faith in the examination centres.  The state government will look after the examination centres and will check whether all of them are abiding by the covid-19 norms or not.

If any of the centres is found breaking the rules, strict action will be taken against them. The centre supervisors will be held responsible for the same.


CBSE term 1 Board Exam 2021:The petition states Parents not given a choice

The petition filed by a group of students from the CBSE and CISCE board, state that the parents were asked for consent whether their wards can appear or not for the term 1 board exams in offline exams.

Now the plea states that the parents were asked consent but not given a choice. The plea states that when a choice is not given, the consent doesn’t hold much importance.

CBSE term 1 Board Exam 2021:Hybrid Mode for CBSE Term 1 board exams

Students wanted to have a choice of selecting whether they wanted to appear for online exams or offline exams. According to the plea, the covid situation varies across states. In such a situation, it would not be safe to declare offline exams throughout the country. This is the need of the hour and it’s the reason why students wanted a hybrid mode of examination.

Also, the students stated that the exams are held for almost a month and as long as the offline exams are there, students will be at risk of being infected. Prolonged exposure will only increase the damage level done to the students by covid.

These reasons were mentioned in the plea and were asked for the Court to intervene in the process and start afresh. However, the judges hearing the plea denied and rejected the plea as intervening after the commencement of the exam would be harmful to all the students.


OMR Sheet Exam conducted for first-term board exams

This year the board exams are conducted in offline mode. Also, students will have to answer the questions by filling out an OMR sheet. The OMR Sheet will have question numbers vertically and corresponding options horizontally.

For each question, there will only be one correct answer. Students are required to fill in the answers by marking the bubble against the correct option. Class 10 and 12 students will have MCQ questions for the first-term board exams.

FAQs on CBSE and CISCE first-term board exams 2021

Did the plea get rejected stating hybrid exams for CBSE?

Yes, the plea stating hybrid exams for CBSE was rejected by the Supreme Court of India.

Do we need parents’ consent to appear in the first term board exams?

Yes, all students are required to submit a valid consent letter from the parents stating that they allow their wards to appear for the offline first-term board exams.

 Can I skip the first term board exam if I am not fully prepared for the boards?

No, appearing for the first term board exams is mandatory as the choice is not given of not appearing for the exams. Students will have to attend the exams as the score will be later added for calculating the final board exam results.

When will the first term board exams start for ICSE?

The first-term board exams for ICSE will commence from 29th November.

When is the last date for CBSE Class 12 exams?

The last date for the CBSE first-term board exams of class 12 is on December 30th.


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