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Students opting for virtual internship (work from home) amid Covid-19

Students opting for virtual internship amid Covid-19

Virtual Internship comes due to the time the covid pandemic has begun, it has changed the way of living life irrespective of whether a person belongs to the rich class, middle class, or the poor. The virtual internship changed the dynamics of motion in life.

There has been a lot at stake be it the country`s economy, industrial sector, farming sector, or education sector, each and every sector has been affected adversely.

Amid all the mishappenings, there are few things that have evolved as boons. One of them is the revolution in rapid digitalization in every sector especially the education sector.

Covid had almost made everything impossible, but it’s the digitalization that has connected the whole world and helps in managing things smoothly.



Virtual Internship Meaning in 2021

It`s been more than a year and still, we can`t go back to our schools or colleges normally like pre-pandemic days, so what`s should we do?

Online classes, exams, and assignments are the few alternatives to compensate for the ongoing but it`s still not sufficient.

Today the world is evolving rapidly, being multitasking is the only way to stand out from the folk of sheep. And doing an internship in different fields is the most efficient way for the youth who are in the schools or colleges or even graduates.

Doing an internship will let you explore your own capabilities which might be even unknown to you. An internship will let you know how can manage to work in a team or be it lone leader, and will help you to enhance your skills and eventually all the experiences gained from internships will make you ready to face the upcoming challenges in the market and industry.

Almost 71% of the total students have been applied for a “work from home” internship on said Sarvesh Agarwal, SEO of Internshala.

Even, the UGC has asked the universities from all over the country to have proper guidance for the students while opting for the internship. UGC wants the students to learn a new skill and to utilize this period efficiently.

However, UGC has issued a set of guidelines for arrangements that need to be done for the students during internships.

Virtual internship guidelines in India

  • Students should be able to take up online activities that can be done digitally or from home.
  • Students should be involved as an intern in an ongoing project.
  • Delay the start date of the internship
  • The time period of the internship should be reduced and the internship should be clubbed with assignments etc.



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FAQ for virtual Internships

Are virtual interns paid?

Yes, virtual interns are paid positions.


How do I join a virtual internship?

  • You can research on various online platforms.
  • Create your networks and ask them to help you in the process.
  • Review the eligibility process.
  • Apply to the position if that is what excites you.
  • If you are shortlisted you will be contacted for further rounds.


How do you do well in a virtual internship?

To do well in a virtual internship you must develop the below skills.

  • You must be able to set goals and communicate your thoughts with the team members efficiently.
  • Be a good listener as well as a good speaker.
  • Make others comfortable around you.


What motivated an individual to apply for an internship?

To apply for an internship and that too virtual you need a lot of motivation. Below are a few of the points which mostly motivated students.

  • To gain experience with real-life working models.
  • To gain exposure and build connections.
  • To have a better understanding of the environment.
  • To communicate effectively.
  • To make mistakes and learn from them in the initial stage of their career.


What are the online jobs for students?

There are a lot of jobs depending upon categories.

  • Tutoring
  • Freelance Writing.
  • Data Entry.
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Translation
  • Survey online.
  • Website Development and Testing.
  • Software Development


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