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Stories for kids | Hindi and English Story for Kids

Stories for kids

Stories for kids: Listening to Stories for kids is very efficient for kids’ mental growth. Stories for kids helps a kid with overall mental development. Not only Reading Stories for kids or novels But also listening to Stories for kids also improves communication skills. As result, Stories for kids will help you and your child both in familiar with the English language and its words. Your kid will continue to discover that words are made up of various letters, syllables, and sounds and that words frequently correspond to visuals through the Stories for kids. On the page, we have given some most popular common moral stories for your child

Moral Stories for Kids

Moral stories are easier to understand and a kid learns vital life lessons through moral stories, which in turn lays a solid basis for how they will respond to challenges in the future. For instance, managing disappointment, being courteous, etc. Some Moral Stories for Kids are given below.


Once a woodcutter was working by a river, cutting wood. Suddenly, he lost control of his axe, which fell into the river. The woodcutter began sobbing vehemently.

The river god had compassion for him. He materialized before him brandishing a golden axe. The river god asked, “Is it yours?

The woodcutter responded, “No sir, it is not mine.”

Then the deity asked, “Is it yours?” as he brought a silver axe.

Again, the woodcutter said, “No, it’s not mine.”

Finally, the river god appeared with the woodcutter’s iron axe and enquired, “Is this yours?”

When the woodcutter finally saw his own axe, he exclaimed, “Yes, sir, it’s mine,” without pausing to think about it for a second.

The woodcutter received all three axes as a reward from the river god, who was pleased with his honesty. These axes were brought home by the woodcutter.

Moral of the story: Honesty is the best policy.



Once a hare met a tortoise. The hare laughed at the slow pace of the tortoise. He made fun of the tortoise’s steps. 

“Enough of your boasting”,  said the tortoise, “I may be slow but I am steady. Let us get on with a race.” 

The hare accepted the race with a smile. He was sure of winning the race. The race was on one fine morning. The hare ran fast. He was much ahead of the tortoise. He stopped to wait for the tortoise to come along. He waited long and lay down to rest. He quickly slept off.. 

But the tortoise moved on and on steadily without pause. He passed the sleeping hare and neared the goal. 

The hare suddenly woke up and saw the tortoise ahead of him. He started running as fast as he could. But he was too late to save the race. The tortoise had touched the line. 

The moral of the story: SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE 


Bedtime Stories for kids

Some Bedtime Stories for Kids are given below.


Summertime was in full swing. Crow had a thirst. In pursuit of water, he soared all over. Finally, the crow found a pitcher and was too thirsty to crow.
When the crow landed on the pitcher, it was still partially filled with water. But he couldn’t reach down far enough to get to it. Then he attempted to tip the jar over. His strength, however, was insufficient for the job.
The crow asked himself, “How can I drink water?”
The astute crow had an idea all of a sudden. He noticed some adjacent stones. One by one, he dropped them into the jar while carrying them in his beak. The water quickly rose to the top.

The crow was able to comfortably and copiously drink. He took off joyfully.

Moral of the Story:  If you have a will, you can do it.


The cows were once cared for by a cowboy near a forest. He would yell, “Wolf! Wolf! Help!” just for fun. The adjacent farmers would scurry to save the youngster. They were shocked to learn that there was no wolf present. The mischievous child started laughing when he saw the soldiers approaching. The farmers grew irate. However, they went back to work. The farmers were irritated by the boy’s repeated false alarms. The wolf actually arrived one day.

The cowboy screamed out, “Wolf! Wolf!” They were heard. They assumed it was the foolishness of the naughty child. No one came to assist him.

The wolf attacked the youngster after devouring the cows.

Moral of the story: A liar is Never Trusted.

Short Stories for kids in English

Some Short Stories for kids in English are given below. check now.

The lion and the mouse  

A lion was once resting off in his cave. Nearby, a young mouse was playing. The mouse entered one of the lion’s nostrils playfully after mistaking it for a hole. The lion’s nap was interrupted. He was ready to murder the mouse when it was trapped in his paw.

The terrified mouse pleaded with God to pardon him and promised to repay his goodness if he let him go this time.

Despite not taking him seriously, the lion felt sorry for the small animal and let him go.

After a few days, the lion was captured in a hunter’s net. Despite his best efforts, the lion could not escape the net, so he roared furiously.

The mouse swiftly arrived at the scene after hearing the roar.

Don’t worry, my lord, I will absolutely set you free, he murmured, seeing the lion’s miserable situation, and he cut the net with his keen teeth. The lion emerged from the net quickly. The lion now thanked the tiny mouse in appreciation. They grew close after that.

Moral of the story: One good deed merits more.

The lion and the mouse

Two Friends and A bear 

The two friends, Yash and Bishnu, were once walking in a jungle. They were talking about their enduring friendship. They suddenly witnessed a bear charging out of a bush. Yash was adept at climbing trees. He then sought refuge in a tree. Bishnu had no experience with tree climbing. He was at his brains’ end just now. He immediately collapsed to the ground, holding his breath. The enormous beast approached Banshi, smelled him, and then turned away.
From the top of the tree, Yash observed everything while his heart was racing. He then descended from the tree and addressed Bishnu “What did the bear tell you, friend?”. Bishnu said with a smile, “A good friend is not one who puts his friend at risk.”

Moral of the story: A friend in need is a friend indeed. 

Two Friends and A bear

The farmer and his Quarrelling sons 

A farmer had five sons. They were all idle. They used to argue all day long. The farmer was upset by this.

Day and night, the farmer pondered. He finally came up with an idea. Five sticks were brought and fastened together by him. Then he told his sons, “My boys, I want to test your strength,” and he called all of them. Seen this bundle? Whoever among you manages to crack it will win something.

The senior son remarked, “This is nothing. He made a lot of attempts but was unsuccessful.

They all tried their best, one after the other, but were unsuccessful. The farmer then untied the bundle and gave each of them a stick. Now, the sons broke their sticks with ease.

The father questioned, “Do you know why you weren’t able to break the bundle?” The older son stated, “The sticks were tied together.

“Look my lads, nothing can hurt you if you stick together, the farmer remarked. But if you continue to argue, you will crumble like these sticks.”

The sons saw their error. They didn’t argue again. They then coexisted amicably.

 Moral: Unity is strength. 

Stories for kids in Hindi

दो दोस्त और एक भालू

दो दोस्त, यश और विष्णु, एक बार जंगल में घूम रहे थे। वे अपनी स्थायी दोस्ती के बारे में बात कर रहे थे। उन्होंने अचानक एक भालू को झाड़ी से बाहर निकलते देखा। यश पेड़ों पर चढ़ने में माहिर था। फिर उन्होंने एक पेड़ में शरण मांगी। बिष्णु को पेड़ पर चढ़ने का कोई अनुभव नहीं था। वह अभी अपने दिमाग के अंत में था। वह तुरंत सांस रोककर जमीन पर गिर पड़ा। विशाल जानवर बंशी के पास पहुंचा, उसे सूंघा, और फिर मुड़ गया।
पेड़ के ऊपर से, यश ने सब कुछ देखा जब उसका दिल दौड़ रहा था। फिर वह पेड़ से उतरा और बिष्णु को संबोधित किया “भालू ने तुमसे क्या कहा, दोस्त?”। बिष्णु ने मुस्कुराते हुए कहा, “एक अच्छा दोस्त वह नहीं है जो अपने दोस्त को जोखिम में डालता है।”

कहानी का नैतिक: जरूरतमंद दोस्त वास्तव में दोस्त होता है।

चरवाहे और भेड़िया

एक बार एक जंगल के पास एक चरवाहे द्वारा गायों की देखभाल की जाती थी। वह चिल्लाएगा, “भेड़िया! भेड़िया! मदद!” सिर्फ मनोरंजन के लिए। बगल के किसान युवक को बचाने के लिए दौड़ पड़े। वे यह जानकर चौंक गए कि कोई भेड़िया मौजूद नहीं था। सैनिकों को पास आते देख वह शरारती बच्चा हंसने लगा। किसान आक्रोशित हो उठे। हालांकि, वे काम पर वापस चले गए। लड़के के बार-बार झूठे अलार्म बजने से किसान चिढ़ गए। भेड़िया वास्तव में एक दिन आया।

चरवाहा चिल्लाया, “भेड़िया! भेड़िया!” उन्हें सुना गया। उन्होंने मान लिया कि यह शरारती बच्चे की मूर्खता थी। उसकी मदद के लिए कोई नहीं आया।

गायों को खाकर भेड़िये ने युवक पर हमला कर दिया।

कहानी का नैतिक: एक झूठा कभी भरोसेमंद नहीं होता है।

Hindi and English Stories for Kids- FAQs

Q. What is the moral of the story, “The farmer and his Quarrelling sons”?

The moral of the story “The farmer and his Quarrelling sons” is “Unity is strength” .With a good particle example, the farmer taught his five sons that nothing can hurt you if you stick together, But if you continue to argue, you will crumble like these sticks.

Q. What are the benefits of reading stories?

•A youngster learns vital life lessons through moral stories, which in turn lay a solid basis for how they will respond to challenges in the future.
•Encourage your child’s creativity and sense of wonder.

•Assist your child to grow intellectually, mentally, emotionally, socially, and communicatively.

•Assist your child in learning the distinction between the real world and the fantasy world.


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