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Article on Save Girl Child Essay Poster, Drawing for Class 9

Save Girl Child Essay

Children are like flowers blooming in the garden of the world. There are different types of flowers in this garden, some are dark, some are white, some are girls and some are boys. Human existence is possible because of gender. If one of them is not present the end of the world will be near. Nature has created two different creatures, men and women, having two different purposes to contribute to nature. Nature never felt the burden of having two different creatures in this world why do mere people have problems with the existence of two different genders.

The target gender has always been a girl. Whether it is today or a few years back or centuries back, a girl child was always the victim of this cruel society. There is no particular reason why people have so much hate and cruelty for the girl child.

There is a notion called Save girl Children. We live in a world where there is a need to save a girl child from society. Where are we leading as a society, citizens, or human beings? People must have a reason for continuing to Haye a girl child, but the question is, Is there reason a valid reason to hate a particular gender.

The answer is no because we as humans have no right to hate a particular and make them feel bad about themselves and most importantly provoke them to do something bad. We all are equal and opposite in some or another way. But it doesn’t make any difference in the thing that we all are Human beings, our creator created us for a good reason and gave us life to live a purposeful life.

Article/Essay on Save Girl Child

There are more than hundreds of reasons to save a girl child. If we conduct a survey, in a particular area asking people, if there want their firstborn to be a boy or a girl, there is a chance of 80-90% that people will expect a boy. Few of the reasons which we can see in the society which created the need to save a girl child are-

  • A girl child is a burden- she is a burden to the family, we have to take care of a girl which will cost a lot of money, we have to invest money in her education and save money our whole life for her to get married.
  • A girl child is an unsafe property- she is a girl, we have to restrict her from going out in night, she should not have boyfriends, she should cover her whole body before going out, or else something bad will happen to her.
  • A girl child will not take care of her parents- She will get an education, take our money and get married and leave our home, she will never take care of her.
  • A girlchild will become spoiled if we give them too much freedom- She has to stay at home, she should not drink or smoke, she should not go abroad for studies, or else she will have wings and will go away.
  • A girl child will lower your prestige in society- people have 1 or 2 sons, what you have is a girl, your life is now spoiled because people will taunt and tease you now and then.

As a society, if we are making decisions according to these reasons then we are failing as a society. All these reasons might sound rubbish to you, but there are still so many people out there who live by these. In this developing area people are getting success in technology, sports, economy, is it because of the men of the society. No, there are thousands and thousands of women working in every field and getting success.

Save Girl Child Poster

Article on Save Girl Child Essay Poster, Drawing for Class 9_40.1

Save Girl Child Drawing

Article on Save Girl Child Essay Poster, Drawing for Class 9_50.1

Save Girl Child Paragraph

A girl child is a miracle in itself. The day she is born, her destiny already makes her a daughter, a sister, and a mother. She is the creator of the whole of mankind. A girl is cable of giving birth and giving life. She is an incredible creation of God. Nature bows down to the ultimate source of life and power, a girl.

If a girl wants to do something, she will do it anyhow, whatever time and courage it takes she will do it. The reason behind being so competitive is that they are brought up like that, they are always told to compete with the boys to get something. You want a toy, then get a better score in class than your brother. You want an increment, increase your performance like your team’s members. You want to get on the cricket team, go play with the boys, and beat them in a game then we will consider it. These are a few examples, that you must have come across in your life once.

They became competitive because society made them like that. The reasons we listed above are so not true, no amount of love can compare to a girl’s love for her parents, when she gets married, she has to leave all her childhood memories and her beloved parents behind, if she decides to go abroad for studies she will work hard to make her parents proud, whatever she wears, it is her choice to wear anything and we are no one to judge someone by the way they dress.

Some of the greatest Girls names in the history

  1. Kalpana Chawla- first Indian woman who went to space
  2. Nirmala Sitharaman- The union Finance minister of India
  3. Aditi Gupta- Founder of mentrupedia
  4. Saina Nehwal- Indian professional Badminton player
  5. Kiran Bedi- First woman to become an IPS officer

Not only these there are several names in the history of success which is bagged by women. They are competitive, by birth. To save a girl child, step up to violence at home or in any public area, speak out if you feel uncomfortable if you talk to someone and get to know about their thoughts over a girl child then try to make them aware that a girl is equal to five boys. They will take the outer world with one hand and their parent/family with the other. She is no less than a goddess. 

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