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Online Classes For Academic Year 2020-21 won’t be a ‘Zero Year’, Exams, Classes To Be Held

Online Classes For Academic Year 2020-21: There has been an extremely crucial announcement from the education ministry wherein it has now been announced that the Academic Year 2020-21 will not be a zero year. This news has brought a lot of relief to the students and parents who had been staring at an uncertain future. 

There were apprehensions amongst the parents and students that the schools and colleges have remained shut since March 2020, so this academic year might be treated as a zero year. 

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Parl Panel Questioned Holding of Online Classes

Answering these concerns, the education ministry informed the parliamentary panel that it is hopeful of resuming the classes in the near future as well as conducting the exams. The information was shared with the parliamentary panel wherein the ministry presented its case before the panel and stated that it is trying to resume the classes as soon as possible. Check | NEP 2020 Board Exams to be Made Easy

The education ministry was represented by the senior officials including the school education secretary, UGC Chairman, and the higher education secretary. They informed the standing committee on human resources regarding the steps being taken to streamline the education of students across the country in wake of the ongoing pandemic. 

Effectiveness of Online Classes Doubtful

The education ministry officials had to face several questions from the chairman of the parliamentary panel regarding the effectiveness of the online classes being conducted for students in present times. The members questioned the effectiveness of the learning outcomes through online classes. The panel added that it is important for the ministry to consider the suitability of the online classes for students from poor families. Most of these families either cannot afford smartphones or laptops or might just have one smartphone. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to access the online classes being conducted. Check | Delhi to Get Its Own Education Board, Implement NEP 2020 by Next Year

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Community Radio Based Education Classes for Students

The panel suggested to the ministry officials that they must use community radio and transistors to ensure the delivery of online lessons to all students. As this method is extremely cost-effective, hence it can be offered to students coming from poorer backgrounds. The panel also recommended that a big question bank should be compiled by various departments under the ministry, which could be distributed to the students to help with their education.

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