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Odisha Government to Conduct Radio Class from Class 1 to 8

Odisha Government to conduct Radio class from Class 1 to 8: The Odisha Government will be conducting ‘Radio Pathshala’ from the class 1-8. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown of schools from March 2020 has to lead to the complete shutting down of education for all classes. As per the Odisha School Education Programme Authority, the ‘Radio Pathshala’ will be broadcasted on All India Radio from today- 28 September 2020. The Pathshala will be conducted all week from Monday to Friday. The classes will be syllabus based and will be conducted from 10:00 AM to 10:15 AM. The classes are conducted in order to provide continuous learning for the students.

The classes are conducted in order to make the learning continues for the students as the lockdown of schools is creating a break in their education.

State Projector Director, Odisha School Education Programme Authority has asked all the District Education Officers, District Project Coordinator, and Block Education Officers to ask all the headmasters and CRSS to inform all the students and parents to listen to the radio programme daily and make sure that the students are listening to the radio programmes on daily basis.


School Conducting Classes on Radio

Due to the Covid-19 there has been a complete shutdown of schools across the country since March, 2020. While most schools has adopted online learning and online classes, some state governments have shifted to Television and Radio mode as some families did have access to internet facility or does not have means to access the online learning platforms. 

By adopting the Television and Radio mode, governments have made it easier for the students to access the education programme in order for providing continuous learning to the students.

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