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Notice Writing Class 12, 10, Format, Topics with Examples

Notice Writing

Notice Writing for Class 12- English classes have made us do what not? for notice writing we have to learn From learning Letters to writing formal Letters and informal letters, it was all about growing up in learning English. We are not only taught alphabet and grammar in English but designing posters and Notice Writing (only on notebooks or exam papers) out of fictional scenarios was a task!
Here in this article, we are talking about notice writing. Let’s get started with what it actually is?

Notice Writing Format Class 12 & 10

  • Notice is a piece of information to be displayed to the public.
  • Notice is to be printed and pinned on the notice board.
  • It is a short and direct form of communicating important information.
  • The information in the notice should be targeted at a specific group. The tone of writing the notice should always be formal and informative.
  • The language used in the notice should be simple for people to understand.
  • A notice should be small and direct.
  • You should be careful of the word count while you write a notice.

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Notice Writing Format

Notice Writing Format- A notice is a written or printed message or information that is shown prominently or published in newspapers or periodicals. The notice Writing format is described as A notice’s tone and style are formal and factual, using straightforward and formal language because it includes a formal notification or information. Rather than being lengthy, notices are always brief and to the point. here we discussed the Notice Writing format for school students.

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Notice Writing Format for Class 12 Students

Tips for Notice Writing in format for Class 12 Students is Below mentioned are some of the important tips that you should know:

  • At the top, write the word NOTICE.
  • Include all pertinent information (date, venue, time) and also the notice’s purpose.
  • The individual issuing the notice’s signature, name, and designation, along with the name of the organisation responsible for issuing the notice must be provided.
  • Placing the notification in a box.
  • Stick to the 50-word restriction that has been set.
  • The school, organisation, or agency issuing the warning should be identified by name and location.
  • Make a suitable and brief heading. It must be relevant to the material to be discussed. The reader should be able to figure out what the notification is about at first glance. and then devise a strategy of action.
  • The goal of the notice, its terms, pertinent information, or other elements must all be stated briefly in the body of the notice. It must also be brief while still being comprehensive.
  • Indicate the date on which the notice was issued.
  • Make it clear who your target audience is (for whom the notice is to be displayed).
  • Finally, check the text for spelling and grammatical errors. Also, make certain that the notice’s text is clear.

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Notice Writing Format Example in English for Class 10 and 12

Check Here The Notice Writing format Example in  English

(Name of the Entity/ Organisation Issuing the Notice)


(Heading of the Notice)


(Body of the notice)




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Notice Writing Formats, Topics & Examples for Class 12, 10

Some Notice Writing and its Format related examples and Topics are given below.

Q. As Principal of Central School, Patna, create a notice of no more than 50 words advising pupils of a change in school hours beginning October 1st. Explain why the modification is necessary.


Central School, Patna


 2nd November 2021

Changes in School Schedules

All students are thus notified of a change in school hours beginning October 1st, 20xx. School will now begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. Winters have been harsher in recent years, making it impossible to start early owing to the extreme cold and dense fog. As a result, these new schedules will be followed until further notice.


Notice Writing for Class 12, 10 Examples

Notice Writing for Class 12 and 10, some common examples are given below. Check here.

Q. You’re the president of ABC Society, and you’re planning a New Year Eve celebration in your neighbourhood. Prepare a notice informing your neighbourhood’s residents of the function. Include any additional information you believe is necessary for the purpose.


ABC Society Residents Association


New Year Eve Celebration

Date: 24-12-2021

On December 31, 2021, the ABC Society Residents Association will organise a big New Year’s Eve celebration in the colony. Beginning at 7 p.m., the events will commence. Residents are invited to participate in the activities and make it a big party. Furthermore, homeowners are compelled to wear masks at all times throughout the festivities. We will also ensure that all COVID-19 precautions are performed, including thorough sanitization of the location.

Mr Kailash


President of ABC Society Residents Association

Notice Writing- Points to Remember while Writing a Notice

Before writing a notice, you need to remember the points written below. Only when you follow the rules, a notice is correctly issued.

  • Write the heading as Notice at the top of the page
  • A suitable sub-heading must follow the word notice.
  • The name of the person or the organization issuing the notice should be mentioned.
  • The purpose of issuing the notice must be mentioned.
  • The main content of the notice should not exceed 50 words.
  • State the person or group to whom the notice is targeted.
  • All other information before issuing the notice must be cross-checked. Details regarding venue, time, etc. are to be written clearly.
  • The date of the notice should be mentioned.
  • The signature, name, and designation of the person issuing the notice are to be mentioned.

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Notice Writing- Marks Distribution in Class 12 &11

Below we have mentioned the marking scheme that is followed by examiners while checking a notice.

1 mark is awarded for the heading, title, date, designation of the person issuing it.

2 marks are given for the main content of the notice.

2 marks are given for correct spellings and grammatically correct notices.

In total, 5 marks is awarded for Notice Writing. Each part has to be correctly written so that full marks can be scored by students.

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Notice Writing Questions Class 12

Example 1: As the Sports Secretary of your school in Delhi, write a notice for your school notice board informing the students about the selling of old sports goods of your school. You are Rashmi/Subham.


Vidya Mandir School, Delhi


Selling of Sport Goods

30 June 2020

This is to inform all the students that the sports club along with the school authorities have decided to conduct a sale of the old sports goods used by the students of our school. Interested students may report to Room No 220 on 1st July 2020 during recess time.


Rashmi Narang

Sports Secretary

Example 2: You are Shivani of Delhi Public School, Nagpur. As Student Editor of your school magazine, draft notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board inviting article sketches from students of all classes.


DPS School, Nagpur


Invitation of articles for Magazine

19 Oct 2020

Students from all classes are hereby requested to submit their articles for the school magazine to the undersigned. The submission date is 21 October 2020 in Room no 101 during the break time. Please make sure that the articles are well written and the sketches are neat.



School Magazine


Example 3: You are Subash of Class 6 in Little Flower School. As the president of coding club of your school, draft notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board inviting students for a workshop that is to be conducted on C programming.


Little Flower School, Kolkata


Invitation for C programming workshop

12 Aug 2019

Students from classes 5, 6, and 7 are hereby requested to  attend a workshop on C programming that is conducted by the Coding Club. The workshop will be conducted on 14th Aug, 2019 at 2 pm in the Computer lab. Interested students are required to contact the undersigned for registration.


President, Coding club

Little Flower School


Notice Writing Format for Class 12 & 10- FAQs

What is a Notice, exactly?

A notice is a formal document used to convey or display information to the general public or a select group of people.

Why do we need to send a notice?

A notice is a type of official communication. The objective of a notice is to inform a certain group of people about something.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when writing a notice?

A good notice should clearly express the notice’s purpose, terms, and any pertinent information or other features. It must also be brief while still being comprehensive. The message must also be clear and devoid of errors in spelling and grammar.

Who is the recipient of the notice?

It is recommended that the notice be written in the third person.

What is the most common location for a notice?

Notices are frequently posted in public locations, educational institutions, government offices, and newspapers. Furthermore, technological improvements have made it possible to display alerts on digital platforms such as websites, messages, and emails.


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