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NEET 2022 information brochure has criteria for students with disabilities: SC

NEET 2022 information brochure has criteria for students with disabilities: SC- The Supreme Court Decided on Thursday that the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) exam handbook must include a section for disabled candidates. The pamphlet for candidates with impairments explains the benefits that are available to them.
In its remark, the Supreme Court of India further stated that the National Testing Agency (NTA) must also train invigilators who work on the ground in examination centres. Invigilators at the ground level in examination centres will be trained on how to deal with students with disabilities, ensuring a high degree of comfort for, specially-abled candidates.

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SC ordered NTA NEET 2022 has to define Criteria for students with disabilities

While hearing a plea from a female student with dysgraphia, a bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and AS Bopanna commented on the situation of disabled applicants. Her complaint was that she wasn’t given an extra one hour to attempt the questions. In addition, the invigilator stole her answer sheet.
She demanded a re-examination. If not re-examination, then enough compensation in the form of grace marks or no negative marking for incorrect answers.
The National Testing Agency was represented by Rupesh Kumar, an attorney. According to Rupesh Kumar, it just conducts the examination and announces the results, and it has little control at the ground level.
Rupesh Kumar stated that conducting a re-examination for a single candidate is tough. He further stated that if she is given grace marks, the entire merit list will need to be altered.
He went on to say that the pupils told him that she needed an extra hour owing to the exam. The invigilator at the Centre, on the other hand, was unable to double-check the required supply.
According to him, over 16 lakh students took the exam. He went on to say that correcting the results for one kid is tough because the entire merit list would have to be updated. It may also be inappropriate for other students, who may be overshadowed if grace marks are granted.

What did the student’s advocate say in Supreme court?

The Supreme Court recognised that ordering a re-examination for one student would be inappropriate considering the large number of pupils sitting the exam. Advocate Rushabh Vidyarthi, who appeared on behalf of the student, described her as a bright young lady. He went on to say that one stroke of the court’s pen might change her future.
These powers, however, come with tremendous obligations, according to the bench, and since there are other unseen students who are not before the court, they may be affected if any grant or relief is granted.
The bench stated that it would request that the NTA and NEET include a section in the exam handbook for students with disabilities.

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SC on NEET: Policy for the students if they are not at fault

The bench also stated that there should be a policy in place for students about compensation if they are not at fault.
The bench went on to say that the court had ruled in favour of those with impairments. The NEET brochure must have a section for them that explains the benefits that are available to them. The Court also believes that students with dysgraphia and other visual impairments should be informed in advance.
The bench also questioned how one can make things right when a candidate loses out due to no fault of his own and so something should be done for them.

FAQs on SC on NEET 2022 Information Brochure criteria for students with disability

What is the purpose of NEET?

In Indian medical and dental institutes, the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is used to determine eligibility for MBBS and BDS programmes.

Is NEET only for medical students?

Yes. NEET is only taken by medical students.

Is the Neet Result 2021 out?

The outcome can be found at

What is the full form of MBBS?

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is the full form of MBBS.

What does NEET PG stand for?

In India, the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (Postgraduate) is a qualifying and ranking exam. It is for students interested in pursuing various postgraduate Doctor of Medicine programmes (MD).

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