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MP Board Uses WhatsApp For Sending Educational Content To Students

Ever since the nationwide lockdown came into effect, educational authorities are looking at new ways to disseminate educational content amongst the students. Many schools have been using their website or online learning management systems to ensure that educational activities keep ongoing.


Now there is an interesting and unique way that has been adopted by the schools affiliated with the Madhya Pradesh Board to distribute academic content amongst the students. As per the latest reports, many schools affiliated with the Madhya Pradesh Board are using WhatsApp to send educational content to the students. In the Indore division, almost two-thirds of the schools are using WhatsApp to ensure that students actively receive academic content.


MP Board Uses WhatsApp: More Than One Lakh Students Being Benefitted

Indore is the worst Coronavirus affected region in the state of Madhya Pradesh. That is why schools in the region have been quite innovative in continuing the education process in the wake of the Coronavirus lockdown. As per the latest reports, 645 higher secondary schools and 727 high schools affiliated with the Madhya Pradesh Board are using more than 1260 WhatsApp groups to continue the educational practices.


As of now, more than 1.4 Lakh students in the Indore division receiving education content through different WhatsApp groups. When contacted, The Joint Director of Indore Division, Mr. Manish Verma said, “In a bid to make certain that all students get education content, the department has been trying to make its outreach as much as possible via various modes for all.


MP Board Uses WhatsApp: Private Schools Also Joining The Revolution


The innovative use of WhatsApp is now also benefitting private school students affiliated with the board. The education department in the state is now also distributing the same content to the private schools as well. In turn, the schools are using more than 5,880 WhatsApp groups to disseminate the educational content to over 1.2 Lakh students. In the Indore district itself, there are 95 higher secondary schools and 69 high schools that are using 513 WhatsApp groups to reach 19,500 Students.


MP Board Uses WhatsApp: Local Cable Channels Also Being Used


When the reports revealed that almost 35% of students studying in classes 9th to 12th have been unable to access the content via WhatsApp, the department has decided to avail of the network of local cable channels.


Along with private cable channels, Doordarshan will also start showing education content for the students of class 10th and 12th in the state from 11th May onwards. This presents a great opportunity for students who do not have access to WhatsApp or the internet. They can now continue their lessons through the direct broadcast of content conveniently.



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