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Madhya Pradesh Govt Promotes Students From Class 1 to 8, Check Details

Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus infection in the country, schools have been shut from Mid-March, and all the examinations have been canceled. The same has been the case for Madhya Pradesh. But this lockdown and cancellation of examinations have left the students starting at an uncertain future. Finally, there are some positive developments for students of Class 1st to 8th In Madhya Pradesh.

As per the Latest Notification of Rajya Shiksha Kendra from the Madhya Pradesh Education Department, a general order has been issued for the promotion of students from 1st class to 8th class to the respective next class without exception. So, for the new academic year, students of these classes will now by default be promoted to the next class.


MP School Exam Results 2020: No Detention Policy

Necessary instructions have been conveyed to the district collectors by the commissioner of the Rajya Shiksha Kendra, Mr. Lokesh Jatav. They have been asked to take the required actions. He has specified that all the schools where examinations for class 1st to 8th were held before 19th March 2020, will be declaring their results as per the prevailing rules.


But no students will be detained in any of these classes as a rule. Schools where the annual examinations had been canceled or not completed, will have to promote the students from these classes based on their performance in their monthly, half-yearly, or internal assessment as per the Right to Education Act. Now that the government has taken a decision to promote the students to the next class, students should continue their studies with the provided Online Learning Resources.


MP School Exam Results 2020: Coronavirus Endorsement On Certificates

Students from class 8th will also be receiving elementary education certificates. As per the instructions from the Rajya Shiksha Kendra, teachers have been given instructions to place a “dash” in the column for the annual exam for the entire session in the report card. He further added that the students from class 5th to class 8th will now be promoted based on their performance in internal, monthly, or half-yearly assessment.

The report cards of the students, as well as the transfer certificates, will also bear the seal and signature of the principal of the school where the following remark will be endorsed on the respective document.

“Promotion due to Corona Lockdown for Infection Prevention.”

This decision from the Madhya Pradesh Government is in line with the decision taken by many other state governments wherein students from class 1st to 9th, and class 11th has been promoted to the next class without conducting the examination. But in some states, school examination boards are conducting exams for class 11th students along with exams for class 10th and 12th students as well.




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