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How to do Preparation for JEE Main 2022 | Tips & Tricks to Crack JEE

How to do Preparation for JEE Main 2022 | Tips & Tricks to Crack JEE: The Joint Entrance Exam, often abbreviated as JEE, is one of the toughest exams in India. The exam is conducted for the students who want to take undergraduate admissions in India’s top engineering colleges. The nation’s premier engineering colleges, including IITs, NITS, IIITs, and other institutes, provide undergraduate engineering courses through the Joint Entrance Exam (or also called JEE). It’s a clear fact that Joint Entrance Exam is a tough test for the individuals taking part in it and does also hold great importance for the parents who want to get their child’s future safe and thus getting into such reputed colleges through JEE is a dream for so many aspirants and their close ones.

Here in this article, we will get to know about how to start the preparation for this exam, one of the toughest and most competitive exams in India. Keep reading to know more and even if you know anyone around you prepping themselves up fo JEE 2022, do share this article and help that person achieve their dream college through JEE.
Before we start with other things around the Joint Entrance Exam, let us first know about JEE. What is JEE and what lead to the establishment of JEE and associated stuff?

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JEE 2022 Preparation: JEE Main Full Form

All India Engineering Entrance Examination was earlier known as Joint Entrance Examination (AIEEE). The National Testing Agency now administers an all-India standardised computer-based test for admission to several technical undergraduate programmes in engineering, architecture, and planning across India (NTA). The JEE-Main rank is used to determine admission to B.Tech and B.Arch programmes at prestigious technical institutes such as the National Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Information Technology.

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JEE Main Preparation 2022: Tips to Crack JEE mains

Out of a total of more than 10 lakh students, only the top 2.5 lakh qualified candidates from JEE Main qualified aspirants are eligible to participate in JEE Advanced. As a result, those who wish to drop again and give themselves another chance for JEE preparation should begin as soon as the results are available.
Below mentioned are the benefits of starting JEE preparations early:

  • Candidates will be better able to construct an effective study plan, for Boards and JEE preparation, if they begin their preparation early.
  • They will also be better prepared for their Class 12 board exams if they have a good study schedule. It is critical for applicants to begin their JEE preparations as soon as possible. It is preferable to begin studying and start their JEE preparation as early as a year or two before the exams in order to pass them with flying colours.
  • Topics from Class 11 and 12 from the curriculum of three courses, namely Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, are covered in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The two tests are centred around the subjects covered in these sessions. As a result, candidates who begin their JEE preparation early will have a firm grasp of the subject.
  • Not only that, but starting early significantly improves a student’s memory, thus, beginning JEE preparation early will also benefit students’ grasping abilities. Early start to JEE preparation period will allow you to become more comfortable with time and so improve your time management skills. Focusing on the weaker areas will also help to improve the situation.
  • To pass JEE Main and Advanced, a student needs to devote at least one year of preparation time. Yet, preparing for both the Boards and the JEE at the same time is tough; however, starting early is ideal because it allows one to develop a study pattern.
  • Students will benefit from a study regimen that is supported by a balanced time allocation model if they begin early. Starting shortly after the tenth boards, students will be gradually assisted in developing a steady and distributed step-by-step approach. It will be beneficial and will lead to effective subject-by-subject preparation in a stress-free environment.

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Some preparation tips for JEE Mains 2022

Below mentioned are some tips that will help you with the JEE preparation for 2022:

  • Begin by setting basic and smaller goals for yourself. To accomplish huge achievements, start with simple goals. You must split the JEE syllabus, which appears to be enormous at first. Begin by breaking down the JEE syllabus into modules and tackling one topic at a time, completing the goals associated with that topic.
  • Maintain a daily study regimen. Check to see if these study plans cover all three subjects. Neglecting any subject or devoting too much time to one will be detrimental rather than beneficial.
  • Candidates must first study the theoretical section. It aids in the better understanding of concepts, allowing you to practise problems using a previously learned concept. Also, go over the theory several times until you understand it.
  • Leave no topic unattended, as JEE questions might come from any subject.
    Study the easy chapters first, then work through the difficulties. It will assist in the development of confidence. The key to success is self-assurance.
  • Don’t overwork yourself by studying for an extended period of time. Between study periods, it is necessary to take short pauses. It will aid in the preservation of efficiency.
    In order to do well in JEE, time management and question-solving patterns are crucial.
  • Make problem-solving a part of your everyday learning routine. Increasing the difficulty at regular intervals is also a good idea.
  • Tests must be given on a regular basis. It will assist you in assessing your knowledge, speed, accuracy, and time management skills, ensuring that you learn and perform well.
  • Put out all of your effort and hard work to comprehend the theory and then solve the issues, and never become discouraged if you are unable to answer questions about a certain topic or subject.

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JEE 2022 Subject-wise  Syllabus preparation

For Physics

  • Every student must undertake a comprehensive trend analysis of the Physics topic domain. This will aid in emphasising the areas that require greater attention.
  • Important physics concepts should be practised more frequently. For issues in physics such as heat and thermodynamics, optics, electrodynamics, contemporary physics, and mechanics, consult credible sources.
  • Exam setters have chosen mechanics as their first choice, followed by questions about mistakes and measurements, fluids, gravitation, and so on.

For Chemistry

  • Before beginning the JEE Chemistry preparation, students must do a subject-by-subject trend analysis and design a study plan.
  • Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry are the three elements of the course.
  • In the past, chemistry questions from topics like kinetics and chemical equilibrium were asked in JEE Main. In the physical chemistry domain, the number of questions from thermodynamics and electrochemistry declined.
  • Alkanes, alkynes, polymers, carbonyls, and other organic chemistry chapters are the most important. These are crucial from the standpoint of JEE Main.
  • Topics on P-block elements and coordination compounds are essential in inorganic chemistry, and these are followed by questions about metallurgy, chemical bonding, and other topics.

For Mathematics

  • Math necessitates consistency. In JEE, consistent practice is essential for better mathematics preparation.
  • In the JEE Main Mathematics exam papers, differential calculus has grown increasingly essential. Then there’s coordinate geometry.
  • Integral calculus, vector analysis, 3D inquiries, and other related disciplines have grown increasingly essential in JEE, with a significant number of questions based on them.
  • Other significant topics include matrices and determinants, statistics, and the binomial theorem.

JEE 2022 preparation Tips: Hard work is the key to success

The suggestions are provided for your convenience; nevertheless, you are free to alter and work according to your own needs. Because these tips are exclusively offered by toppers and professionals, they may be useful in planning your preparations. However, success in JEE is mostly determined by your dedication, advice, and consistency. You must realise that time management, hard work, consistency, confidence, and dedication are the most important predictors of success, and that your preparation should focus on these factors. Begin your JEE studies as early as class 11, since this will give you enough time to ace the exam. You need not be depressed even if you are in 12th or are a dropper, you just need to work harder than before and work harder than others. Apart from hard work, smart work is also needed, and that are the tips for.

JEE 2022: Structure of the Exam and Exam date

There are just two papers in the exam. The exam is available in thirteen different languages. The exam is available in Assamese, Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odiya, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, and Telugu. Candidates can take any or both of the papers: Paper 1 for B.E./B.Tech and Paper 2 for B.Arch and B.Planning. Paper 1 is a computer-based test that, before 2018, offered the option of being taken in either offline or online mode. CBSE conducted Paper 1 for the first time in online mode in 2011, following guidelines from the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The exam was taken in an online format by one lakh applicants who chose it. The remaining students took the exam in a traditional format.
The number of examination attempts available to a candidate is limited to three.
The JEE-Main exam also serves as a qualifying exam for the JEE-Advanced exam.

JEE Main 2022 Preparation Tips

In 2002, the AIEEE was established. The newly founded NIT and IIIT universities desired a higher-quality entrance examination paper than the Common Engineering Test (CET). CET was once used to admit students to all non-IIT engineering schools, including RECs and IIITs. This new structure was implemented in response to increased competition and the desire to retain the exclusivity of such important national institutions. After that, it was renamed JEE-Main. In 2013, the company was renamed.
Until 2018, the exam was administered in both pen-and-paper and computer-based formats. The Central Board of Secondary Education hosted it in the first week of April (CBSE). However, the National Testing Agency has been conducting JEE-Main since 2018.

JEE Advanced 2022 preparation Tips to crack the exam

The Joint Entrance Examination-Advanced, formerly known as the Indian Institutes of Technology-Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), is an academic examination that serves as the single requirement for admission to Indian Institutes of Technology. It takes place once a year in India. One of the seven “old” IITs is in charge of organising the event. The score obtained on the JEE-Advanced exam is also used as the basis for admission at the Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE), the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, the Indian Institute of Space Technology (IIST), the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISERs), and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).
The JEE-Advanced score is also utilised as a prospective criterion for admission to non-Indian universities by Indian applicants. JEE-Advanced marks are also accepted by the University of Cambridge and the National University of Singapore. Each year, one of the IITs organises the examination. It has an extremely low rate of qualifying.

JEE Main 2022: Process of seat allotment

The Central Seat Allocation Board, commonly abbreviated as the CSAB, used to offer JEE-Main counselling, however, the authorities have now made adjustments to the method. The JAB (Joint Admission Board), which represents IITs, and the CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board), which negotiates on behalf of NITs (National Institutes of Technology) and other CFTIs (Centrally Funded Technical Institutes), have now merged to perform JEE counselling. This common JEE counselling is done for the IIT-two JEE’s exams. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority, or JoSAA, is the name given to these two entities when they work together for JEE counselling.

FAQs on How to do Preparation, Tips for JEE Main 2022

Is JEE Main a simple exam to pass?

JEE Main is a difficult exam that needs months, if not years, of hard work and study. The majority of applicants begin their preparation at least a year in advance. Some, on the other hand, begin a month or two before the scheduled exam date.

Is JEE and IIT the same thing?

JEE and IIT are not interchangeable terms. These are related, but they are not the same. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the country’s premier engineering universities, whereas JEE is an entrance exam.

Is the JEE exam difficult?

JEE is regarded as one of India’s most difficult tests.

Which is more difficult, NEET or JEE?

NEET is a medical entrance exam that is significantly more difficult than JEE Mains but less difficult than JEE Advanced. JEE Mains and Advanced are engineering entrance exams. Because advanced is subjective, it is more difficult. NEET has a smaller number of seats, making it more competitive.

Is it better to be a doctor or an engineer?

Engineers have a better chance of landing a good job than doctors.

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